Best Thailand Travel Guide

This Best Thailand Travel Guide combines useful information about Thailand in many aspects in order for travelers who wish to experience this country to have a brief view of the nation. The Guide will first explain about the country in general before describing what it has in each region so that travelers can decide where they want to go to make the most out of their trips.

One of the distinctive points about Thailand is the Thais. Many people know this nation as the Land of Smiles as the Thais are easy-going and always smiling. Thai people are normally kind, warm and welcoming to foreigners. Tourists can feel quite comfortable asking for directions or helps from Thai strangers during their trips. Some believe that this is the influence of Buddhism, which is the religion that approximately 90% of the population is believed in.

Besides the friendly people, the country has a great combination of unique culture, interesting long history, amazing cuisine and beautiful nature. As a result, Thailand has a vast variety of holiday destinations and activities for tourists to enjoy. Tourists can choose to experience many things in this territory from thick jungles, all-night parties, stunning beaches or something else that would appeal to everyone. Besides the tourist attractions, Thailand is also an excellent place to shop due to the incredibly low price items available. To make this article the easy and the best Thailand travel guide, the content in terms of attractions will be divided into regions, North, Central and South; due to the distinctive characteristics of each part of the country.

As mentioned, each part of Thailand has different characteristics and cultures. To the north of Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai, you will find some beautiful mountain landscape with many orchid farms and elephant training camps which would give visitors some unique experience that hard to find elsewhere. Up To Chiang Rai and the Golden Triangle area, travelers can visit the hill-tribe people that still have strong native culture and rituals. With the extremely different way of living for these hill tribes, travelers can experience another world on this same planet. In addition in this area, tourists can have a chance to see nice view of Me Kong river, one of the World’s greatest rivers originated from Tibet area and divide Thailand territory from Laos. Moreover, if ones wish to enjoy camping in the greenish forests up the hills, this can also be done in the northern region due to plentiful of the green areas that still beautifully exist in this part of the land.

Next is the best Thailand Travel Guide in the central part of the country. In this part, there are still a lot of natural attractions in boundless national parks with some stunning waterfalls. Additionally, there are more of the ancient cities with the existed ruins in Ayutthaya and Sukhothai that can say a lot about the long history of the nation. Last but not least, the capital city, Bangkok, is also located in this region.

To introduce Bangkok separately as it is the place where most visitors begin their journey in this country due to that Bangkok International Airport is the major arrival spot from flights around the world. Bangkok is one of the most crowded cities in the world with lots of traffic congestion, large amount of population and high-rise buildings; yet, it is the city with complete facilities, convenient transportation systems and large shopping malls and streets.

Finally for this best Thailand Travel Guide is the southern region, the slimmest and longest area of Thailand. This region is the land in the middle of the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea so that beaches are the highlights of this area. Tourists are guaranteed to experience amazing beaches, stunning beautiful tropical islands and sparkling blue water. Moreover, many alternative western-standard accommodations are available from world-class hotels to backpacker places that can be matched with every taste and budget. Due to the existed beautiful reefs and underwater creatures, Scuba diving and snorkeling are normal activities visitors often choose to enjoy in this area.

There is a Thai joke saying that there are 3 seasons in Thailand: hot, hotter and hottest. Normally, most Thailand travel guides would say that the most recommended season to come to Thailand is during November to February as it is the least hot period, yet, the sun still shines beautifully. March to May is considered too hot as it is the hottest period, which could be less tolerable for visitors especially westerners. And as the rain would then arrive during June to October, it is considered as too wet in the monsoon season of Thailand. However, this Best Thailand Travel Guide would choose to also recommend travelers to consider this wet season because this would be less crowded time to visit many attractions such as well-known beaches, ancient cities or temples. The best thing is that during this time with occasional…

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The Top Travel Destinations in the World

Singapore is the vibrant and energetic city where the East meets West with the traditional and modern. It is one of the world’s financial centers and famous for world-class shopping, modern architecture and delicious cuisine. The Lion City offers a unique experience for every visitor from colourful ethnic festivals to lively nightlife. Singapore the city has many other highlights like the Singapore Zoo, the famous Night Safari and the tropical theme park, Sentosa Island. This city has a fantastic tourism infrastructure and great public transport making it an ideal holiday destination and the perfect gateway to other South East Asian destinations.

Thailand is a country of beauty and mystery that attracts many travellers to its island resorts and busy cities. The culture, food and warm hospitality of the locals keep tourists coming back for more. The two most popular beach resorts are:

Pattaya located on the Gulf of Thailand 150 km south of Bangkok. Known as the ‘Thai Riviera’ and one of South East Asia’s best beach resorts, resort Pattaya attracts more than a million tourists annually from all over the world. Set along the 4km beachfront, Pattaya is renowned for high standard hotels, shopping, seafood restaurants, assorted international cuisine, water sports and its vibrant nightlife. The southern section of the bay becomes very lively and entertaining at night with many bars, nightclubs, shopping stalls and local food vendors. A day trip cruise to outlying islands such as Coral Island is a very popular activity where water sports, restaurants and quiet beaches can be enjoyed.

Phuket, the “Pearl of the South”, is Thailand’s largest island (48 km in length, 21 km wide) lying in the Andaman Sea off the country’s southwestern coast and is connected to the mainland by a bridge. Phuket Town is in the south-east part of the island, the international airport is in the north and the most popular beach resort towns are on the west coast. As one of Asia’s premier beach resorts, Phuket still retains its own distinct culture from Chinese and Portuguese influences. The island offers visitors warm tropical weather, beautiful white sandy beaches with warm clear water, pristine forests, shopping in up-market stores or traditional markets, many bars and restaurants, enchanting nightlife and friendly locals. Phuket has also been voted one of the World’s Top 5 retirement destinations by Fortune Magazine.

Las Vegas, USA is the largest city in the state of Nevada with a population of over 500,000 people. The city has become a stand-alone holiday destination in its own right with many amazing hotel and casino complexes located along the famous Las Vegas Boulevard or “The Strip”. Many of the hotels have created a fantasy-like atmosphere with names and themes that evoke romance, mystery, and far-away destinations. The “Entertainment Capital of the World” also boasts some of the biggest names and stage productions in entertainment including music stars, magicians and the Cirque du Soleil productions. And just a few hours away there is one of the natural wonders of the world – the Grand Canyon. Even if you are not a gambler there is a lot to do in Las Vegas!

Paris, France is located in the north of the country on the river Seine. It is widely recognised as being the most beautiful and romantic of all cities. Paris is highly influential in culture, art, fashion, food and design and is regarded as the most popular tourist destination in the world. Central Paris is officially divided into 20 districts (arrondissements), numbered from 1 to 20 in a clockwise spiral from the centre of the city. Each arrondissement has its own unique character and attractions. The area north of the river, known as the Right Bank, includes the tree-lined Avenue des Champs-lyses, the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre Museum. The area south of the river, known as the Left Bank, showcases the city’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

Dubai is an amazing place to visit, a city of contrasts, where East meets West and old meets new. Situated on a coastal strip bordered by majestic desert and calm blue waters of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai offers year-round sunshine and a unique Arabian experience of fantastic scenery, world-class shopping, luxurious hotels and fabulous dining. Dubai has been transformed from a small fishing village to a modern vibrant city where celebrities holiday and the Dubai skyline competes to be the world’s biggest, brightest and tallest. In the 1990s, Dubai launched an ambitious campaign to become one of the world’s top tourist destinations supported by a huge program of hotel building and the launch of its Emirates airline. Today, Dubai is known for its man-made islands in the shape of palm trees and the map of the world and the reputation as an international shopping destination. It makes for a perfect stopover destination when travelling between Asia and Europe.

Sydney, Australia is the largest city in Australia and the state capital of New South Wales with a population of just over 4.25 million. Sydney is a European settlement, having been founded by the British as a penal colony on 26 January 1788 which is celebrated as a public holiday, Australia Day, with major festivities around the country. Sydney’s large, safe and beautiful natural harbour was the reason that the original penal settlement was established in the area. In 1788 the first fleet, with 1400 convicts, soldiers, administrators and their families, arrived in the area now known as Circular Quay located between the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House. By 1840, convict transportation to Sydney had ceased and in 1851 gold was discovered leading to a huge population boom. By 1925, Sydney’s population had reached 1 million inhabitants. Sydney has an international reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful and liveable cities. It is a multicultural and cosmopolitan city, with one third of its population born overseas. Sydney was the host of the very successful 2000 Summer Olympic Games, which raised the city’s global profile.

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The Perfect Family Getaway On A Tropical Thai Beach

For the past few years my wife and kids have been searching high and low for the perfect holiday destination that has something for all of the family to keep everyone fully entertained, but at the same time offers peace, quiet and right environment to be able to immerse oneself in, totally unwind and get off the treadmill so to speak. We have been to some really nice spots during our search, but in all of the experiences we enjoyed, each one was missing one or more of the key ingredients that we all agreed as being entirely necessary in order for all of us to be totally satisfied and content. However, we have just returned from our most recent family vacation and finally we can gladly report that we have found the perfect family getaway (providing your family enjoy beach holidays) and we wanted to share our find with all of you who take the time to read this post.

The Location

The place we found that has something to keep us all entertained and happy was a relatively unspoiled 20km stretch of sandy beaches on the Andaman coast with a tropical jungle backdrop. -The region is called Khao Lak and it is roughly an hour’s drive from Phuket International airport, and within Khao Lak is 3 main tourist spots; Bang La On, Khuk Khak & Bang Niang. Khao Lak literally means Lak Mountain and there is a nature reserve on the mountain that makes for one of the local attractions which we thoroughly enjoyed during our nature walks and guided Jungle treks. Each of the three spots are fairly quiet, and have accommodations ranging from the height of luxury all the way through to the backpackers spots to offer something for all budgets and make this quaint, beautiful location in Thailand accessible for all to experience. Actually if you like the more quiet side of things while on holiday then Khao Lak is not only somewhere that is perfect as a family holiday spot, but also for anyone who is wanting to unwind and relax in nature, and in my opinion it makes for the ideal honeymoon location as there are many attractions that are impressive and interesting, while not being too flashy and intrusive. If you want to go and Khao Lak at an especially quiet time of year then I would advise going during the low season months which are from April-November.

The Accommodation

Like I mentioned earlier in this post; there are accommodations to suit all budgets and cater for most tastes and requirements in a place to lay their head. We opted for renting a villa within a resort as we know from experience that this will make our lives easier with their being staff on all during most hours to support us with whatever we needed. Also we like the privacy you get with a villa while still having a resort swimming pool, bar, restaurant and in this specific case – a Kids Club, which suited us perfectly. So during the days we could leave the children to enjoy themselves with whatever the Kids Club had organised for that day, while my wife and I would go off on our scooter or on a guided tour to investigate the nearby attractions and places of interest – which there are many. The Villa also had a stunning sea view over the beach that according to local people had the best, most beautiful sunset in the province. The beach is your ideal, soft, sandy type and the sea water is warm and as clear as can be, actually scuba diving is known to be quite enjoyable in this area as there is lots of sea life and many interesting things to see. So if you enjoying diving, then be sure to book some fun dives when visiting Khao Lak.

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Exotic Islands Of Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands?

Today Norm Goldman, Editor of and is honored to have as a guest, Ian Heydon, author, travel writer, award- winning comedy writer, artist and expert on Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands

Ian is here to talk to us today about his expertise pertaining to these exotic islands.

Good day Ian and it is great to have you accept our invitation to participate in this interview!


Can you tell our readers something about yourself and your expertise pertaining to Vanuatu, Fiji and Cook Islands.


I first went to Fiji in 1993 and simply fell in love with the tropics, the warm, picture-postcard waters and the relaxed rhythm of life in general. I went back the following year and got my PADI Open Water Dive accreditation and, after another couple of trips realised I was working pretty much with a goal to travel more.

As I had a fairly successful career as a writer, I decided to see if I could write about travel and kill two birds with the one pen. In 1999, we took a family holiday to Vanuatu, where my wife Annie and I gave each other a Renewal of Vows’ ceremony as an anniversary gift.

I felt automatically at home in Vanuatu and, as luck would have it, Annie was offered a job teaching at Port Vila International School. We decided that it would be an adventure, especially for the kids (then aged 7 and 3). Our 12-month contract extended to three fantastic years, during which time I got to write a lot, including my travel book on Australia, The Small Guide to A Big Country.

After leaving Vanuatu I bought a travel agent’s licence to specialize in taking people, particularly honeymooners to this fascinating and rewarding part of the world. What I thought would be a hobby quickly became a business and in early 2004 I visited the Cook Islands and fell in love with another Pacific destination.

2004 also saw visits to New Caledonia, Fiji and three trips to Vanuatu. And I’m really excited about my first trip to Samoa this year. While I don’t have any actual publications on the Pacific islands, I have three comprehensive information websites, Vanuatu A to Z, Fiji A to Zand Cook Islands A to Z.


Could you tell our readers where these islands are located and an idea as to what differentiates one island from another from the point of view of topography, climate, and anything else you consider different?


For me, living in Australia, Vanuatu and Fiji are so accessible, being just a few hours away. Visiting the Cook Islands means a stopover in New Zealand, but it is still just two meals and two movies. For Americans, the Cook Islands and Fiji are more accessible than Vanuatu (requires a stop in Fiji to connect or to be taken as a side trip from Australia or New Zealand). The climate in all destinations is similar, tropical with no great range in temperatures but it can get very humid in the summer months. These months are traditionally wet but El Nino seems to have changed that. In the Cook Islands, when it rains, they call it liquid sunshine. The warm water temperatures mean swimming is possible all year round.

· Vanuatu is by far the most primitive, if that’s the right word. While Port Vila is a modern town with good infrastructure, excellent resorts and great restaurants, on many of the outer islands the ni-Vanuatu people live traditional village lives (ni-Vanuatu means of Vanuatu).

Cannibalism is part of the history and the last recorded case was in 1969, the year Armstrong and Aldrin took that one small step for man. Vanuatu also has a number of active volcanoes, including Mt Yasur, which is accessible and rewarding. Because of this, small earth tremors are common. Until 1980, when Vanuatu became an independent nation, the country was called the New Hebrides, a condominium, jointly run by the British and the French. There were both French and English schools, hospitals, police forces and, for a time, they even drove on both sides of the road!

Fiji is similar in topography, without the active volcanoes. For me, this is more a resort destination. While there is certainly a lot to explore, most visitors usually choose one or two resorts for their vacation.

The Fijian people are warm, outgoing (you can’t go anywhere without being greeted with a beaming smile and Bula) and are far more akin to living on island time than the Indian population. It’s a happy mix for tourists however, as the Indians pretty much make the business side of things run smoothly.

The Cook Islands also has rugged mountains, lush vegetation and pristine azure waters but a very different feel. The local people are Polynesian, not Melanesian, and comfortably marry the sensuality of Polynesia with a Christian way of life. It was from here that the Maori people followed migrating birds in their canoes to discover New Zealand. These days in the Cooks, English is spoken with a Kiwi accent and the currency is the New Zealand dollar (which makes it great value for US travelers). By contrast, the Fijian people are around 50% Fijian and 50% Indian. The ni-Vanuatu people are far more shy but just as friendly and welcoming. And, as their tourism slogan says, another time, another pace.

(Interviewer’s Comments: If you wish more information on Cook Islands click HERE)


How safe is it to travel to these islands?


I find these destinations the safest on the planet. Yes, you may find petty crime, as you will anywhere, but on the whole people are far less materially minded and perhaps more family oriented. Our three years in Vanuatu were a reminder of when the world was a simpler and more secure place the children would nip off down the lagoon to play unsupervised and we knew they were safe& or a father would load a dozen children into the back of his truck and head out for a beach picnic no seatbelts but also no worries& it was a place where kids were allowed to be kids.


Why would you consider these islands a good choice for a romantic getaway or wedding and honeymoon destination, and if you had to choose your favorite one, which one would it be and why?


Firstly, for the scenery there’s something really romantic about swaying palm trees, balmy weather and green-blue warm waters (I’m yet to see any artist reproduce these colours). But, more than this, I think it’s that rhythm of island time that I’ve mentioned. You absorb the slower pace and are away from the routine of computers, traffic and deadlines. Choosing one place is hard for me, but I will go with the island of Aitutaki in the Cooks (about a 50 minute flight from the main island of Rarotonga). This huge lagoon (a volcanic crater) is just stunning, the local people are welcoming and there are some excellent accommodation properties and restaurants.


What is the best time to visit these islands from the point of view of weather, costs, and crowds?


I’m going to take an easy out and say anytime you want to travel and to use a local saying, whatever the weather, have a nice day. I was in both Fiji and Vanuatu in December 2004. Traditionally this is the hot, wet and humid season. In Fiji it hadn’t rained for seven weeks and I didn’t use air-conditioning in either country. Some people avoid traveling in February and March because of possible cyclones but these are pretty rare. I’m betting that 2005 will be cyclone free the water temperatures haven’t risen much and there aren’t an abundance of mangoes. For some reason the mango tree seems to be in tune with weather patterns and they have an over-abundance of fruit if a cyclone is imminent. Cost and crowd-wise, I would avoid the Australian and New Zealand school holiday periods but, having said that, all three destinations have adults only accommodation options.


Do people travel to all three islands as a kind of package tour or is this not advisable?


From Australia and New Zealand, packages often work out the most economical and efficient but, from the USA and Canada, it can be better to purchase the airfare and land content separately. I don’t want to be hard on US travel agents but some do not have enough knowledge of Pacific destinations to offer the right advice (although having Vanuatu as the location for Survivor has raised the profile of this small country). I recommend using a specialist in travel to these regions and/or contact the accommodation properties direct. Most of them will still offer the package specials like Stay 7 nights, Pay 5 nights to people who book direct.


If you had to choose an unequalled, exotic and unique areas such as parks, beaches etc in each one of these Islands to celebrate a wedding, which ones would you choose from the point of view of popularity and beauty?


· Again, a hard one because, for example, some brides like to arrive in a canoe, which requires a lagoon location but to choose one in Vanuatu, a little resort called Tamanu on the Beach. It is 25 minutes from Port Vila. The bride and groom are welcomed with a glass of champagne or fruit punch, warriors perform a traditional dance and guard of honour, the ceremony is under a simple canopy on the beach, then champagne to toast and finger food while documentation is signed, a celebration lunch or dinner (on the beach or in the excellent little restaurant) followed by the night in one of the romantic French Colonial cottages.

· In Fiji, I will opt for a Tokoriki Island wedding. They have built a delightful wedding chapel (and there are plenty of beach options). Here there are also traditional Fijian warriors to escort the bride and a Fijian choir (these people know how to sing!) and a wonderful wedding dinner is part of the package. My main reason for choosing Tokoriki, though, is the new honeymoon bures with their private plunge pools.

While I said earlier that Aitutaki is my most romantic choice for a honeymoon, I would actually have the wedding ceremony on Rarotonga by beautiful Muri Lagoon, again with warrior and maiden escort. A beautiful part of some ceremonies is to be taken by canoe across the lagoon to the motu (uninhabited island) called Koromiri where the union is sealed with planting of a small coconut palm (uto). As the tree grows, so will the relationship. Apparently many couples return on their anniversaries to see just how much their tree has grown and to again taste the romance of the tropics.


How far in advance should a couple prepare themselves for a honeymoon or romantic getaway to these islands?


From our experience it depends very much on the situation. If couples plan to invite guests, it is nice to give a lot of warning so they can prepare financially (say, 9 to 12 months). Six months seems to be about average but we have had people deciding pretty much on the spur of the moment. The record goes to one couple visiting Vanuatu who were swept away by the romance of the place, decided to marry and were husband and wife in less than 48 hours (there was a lot of panic and appreciated cooperation from the registry office on that one!)


What advice would you have for destination brides who plan to bring along a wedding party to these islands? It’s a growing trend for destination weddings to now have a fairly sizeable wedding party sometimes about 50, so it would be great to get tips on group airline discounts, hotel blocks.


An island wedding with guests can be really wonderful. In some cases, where guests arrive from different parts of the planet, the occasion can also serve as a family reunion. Group discounts for flights and accommodation can be arranged and sometimes it suits guests to stay in a different resort to the bride and groom because of budget or requirements (e.g. kids club or self-contained facilities). The largest wedding we organized in 2004 was for 67 guests travelling to Vanuatu from Australia, New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom. We are currently planning one for 150 to 180 guests in Fiji, which will be interesting! Luckily there is a resort with a seaside chapel that can accommodate this many people. When compared to traditional weddings with all the trimmings, tropical weddings are very inexpensive and many guests combine the occasion with their annual vacation.


How does one go about checking on the reliability of a hotel or resort in these islands when it pertains to service, food, etc?


Again, you can’t beat specialist, local advice. To me, resorts and restaurants reflect the personality of the owners/managers and they can change literally overnight. Specialist agencies like ourselves should travel regularly to the destinations and have contacts on the ground for updates.


What should people know about planning a wedding in these islands insofar as legal requirements are concerned?


In broad terms, think three weeks/three days. In Vanuatu and Fiji, documents should be lodged at least three weeks prior to travel and couples should be in the country for three days prior to the ceremony. In some cases this is flexible. In Fiji, couples have to have an interview at the Registry Office and have original documentation with them. In Vanuatu, the faxed copies are sufficient and there is no interview. The Cook Islands require original documents and an interview (here, the 3-day rule can be shortened for a fee). Documents required include passports, birth certificates, Intention to Marry form and divorce papers or death of spouse certificate if applicable. One thing to always check is that passports have six months validity from the date of travel.


Is there anything else you would wish to add as it pertains to romantic and wedding destinations in these islands?


Two things: firstly, for the bride (and groom) to make a wish list. Most wedding tropical wedding packages can be tailored to the couples wishes, whether the ceremony be in a church, gardens or on a beach& and include little things like the color of the bride’s dress (so flowers and table settings can complement) and whether they would like a CD compilation of their favourite music (you don’t need last minute panics looking for a CD player etc!) And finally, no matter where couples marry (traditional or tropical), it really should be the wedding the couple wants. There will be plenty of time for compromise later when they have to decide who goes where for Christmas or thanksgiving!

To learn more about resort weddings in these islands – click HEREand about tropical honeymoons – click HERE. To learn more about Ian Heydon – click here.

Thanks again Ian -tank yu tumas, vinaka, meitaki ma’ata

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A Quick Getaway to Thailand

For a long time Thailand has enjoyed its position as one of the most exotic vacation destinations for tourists from all around the world. The country allures visitors to its sublime palm-fringed beaches, legendary cuisine, Buddhist temples and smiling people who welcome tourists.

From beaches to bustling cities, markets and massages, the country has a lot to offer, relish and experience. The highlights of the region include Bangkok, Mekong River, Khao Sok National Park, Chiang Mai, and hill tribe villages. However, as Thailand offers you many options to relax and rejuvenate and even the freedom to do what you want as you tour, there are certain things that you need to be careful of. The Thai people are very particular about their manners, culture and maintaining and respecting their heritage.

Begin your fun-packed tour from the capital city of Bangkok to explore the vibrant nightlife and lights from high-rises shining in the sky. An interesting place to visit is the Grand Palace where you can see the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Heading onwards to Wat Pho, the temple houses the Reclining Buddha. Later move to taste scrumptious Thai cuisine in some opulent eateries and even try street food at stalls in every corner. After you have had your share of travelling in the capital, hop on a train to Ayutthaya, which was the former capital of the old Thai Kingdom. It gives you a glimpse into the glory of ancient Thailand as you wander through the remains of the place. The ruins of crumbling red bricks scattered across the lawns evoke the grandeur of the 15th century.

Chiang Mai is another sought-after destination. It is the second biggest city and strolling through its temples like Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chiang Man, Wat Chedi Luang may make you think like you are in a big country town. Doi Sutheo gives you a chance to have a glimpse of the intricate carvings, worshipping rituals, and a shop selling elephant carvings and home furnishings. An interesting part about Chiang Mai is that the Sunday Night Walking Street will leave you spoilt for choices to taste a range of delicious dishes – crab cakes, chicken stay, fresh fruit shakes, fried bananas and a lot more. Also, you can shop for goods like textiles, essential oils, wall-hangings, paintings and other items as souvenirs.

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand is the Khao Yai National Park which houses some beautiful waterfalls and lush scenery and vineyards. At the Park, you will see the elephants in their natural environment. Apart from seeing elephants being worshipped all across the country, seeing them near waterfalls is another experience altogether. There are also species of monkeys, birds and other creatures.

Relaxation is one of the most important things that tempts you to head for a vacation to a place where you can have both touring and recreation places. The Krabi province houses the most famous beaches, with the Railay being the head of them all. It is a white sandy beach having clear blue waters that make you feel like you are in a paradise. What’s more, you can even try your hand at rock climbing. Elephant trekking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, snorkelling are other adventures you can indulge in, and at the end of it all, take a massage for a therapeutic session. Other famous spots are Phi Phi Islands and Monkey Beach, where you come face-to-face with the animal.

Weekend getaways to Thailand are always charming with the adventure, tours and relaxation that you get to enjoy. So set off on a holiday to this beach holiday destination with our Thailand weekend getaway packages and choose from a wide range of accommodations from luxury resorts to laidback holiday spots.

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Accommodation at Coolangatta on Australia’s Gold Coast

Coolangatta is suburb located at the southern end of one of Australia’s most popular tourism destinations, the Gold Coast. It’s been growing in popularity as it offers a more relaxed beach holiday experience than Surfers Paradise and surrounding suburbs.

It’s also recently seen the completion of major retail shopping and accommodation developments along the esplanade, it’s also a popular holiday destination due to the lower cost of daily needs and lower accommodation costs.

Many of the holiday accommodation buildings in the suburb of Coolangatta and the adjacent Kirra (to the north) and Tweed Heads (to the south) are located opposite the beach offering a view of the amazing expanse of ocean, the surf and the wide long sandy beach.

The beaches are nowhere near as busy as Surfers Paradise, but are still patrolled by lifesavers, and many say this area offers the best of all surfing spots on the Gold Coast at places such as Kirra, Point Danger and Duranabah.

Some of the accommodation buildings in the area are small multi level apartment buildings that were built back in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but regardless of their age they still kept in great condition. There are handful of hi-rise accommodation towers along the Coolangatta beach front and as mentioned there’s a number of recently completed hi-rise accommodation buildings.

No matter which place you choose, you wont be to far away from the beach or the main area of the suburb as the area is simply not that big. Choosing accommodation in the area will mainly depend on your budget and needs. If you want to be really close to the best surfing spots many like the accommodation options around the area known as Rainbow Bay from which you can easily walk to Snapper Rocks, Duranbah and Point Danger.

Many of the accommodation houses also offer tours and run shuttle buses to the major tourist attractions such as Dreamworld and Movie World which are located at the northern end of the Gold Coast.

Source by Rod LHuillier

Cheap Holidays in Pattaya, Thailand

Thailand is a big country. It is a very popular tourist destination and was, until quite recently, number three in the world. It probably will be again. Bangkok and Phuket are generally quite pricey and to be honest Pattaya can be too. How expensive a holiday is, is dependent on choices. The number of choices open to you is dependent on pre-planning.

Book your flight today to fly tomorrow and it will cost you an arm and a leg. Unless of course you are very very lucky and grab a fantastic last minute deal. Book two, three, four months ahead and the price will be so much lower. The further you book in advance the more airlines are available for you to make your choice from. If time is not too much of an issue you could country hop and utilise two or three airlines.

You should where possible choose the ‘off season’ to visit. This again will multiply your choices of hotels and give you much better deals. There is little difference in the weather in ‘high season’ or ‘off season’ in Pattaya. There is certainly as much to do. If it does rain then the rain is usually of short duration and to be honest a bit of a relief.

Now you could book your hotel in advance and in fact I advise you do but book it for just three days even if it is your intention to stop for a few weeks. If you are in the off season there will be no problem extending your stay. On the other hand you have three days to look round and book into somewhere better. There are always fantastic deals for those who shop around. The internet is all very well but it is a maze off agents waiting to skim their little bit off the top.

Pattaya is great for food. The International cuisine on offer is nothing short of amazing. Prices too are generally much lower than in Europe. In Europe Thai food is expensive, in Thailand it is cheap. Not just cheap but delicious. Here it is cooked by the experts and using local produce. If you are going to eat Thai food then forget the big fancy restaurants and those near the main tourist drag. Head up the side Soi’s (roads) and here you will find the best of the best. You can eat very well for a dollar.

Don’t use taxis to get about. The Sang Thaew or Baht Bus is very easy to use and extremely cheap. There is practically nowhere you cannot get to in the city in two or three hops. Alternatively use a ‘motorci’ (motorbike taxi). It will cost a fraction more but get you to wherever you are going in a trice.

Pattaya has an abundance of cinemas, bowling alleys, zoos, beaches, islands, shopping, golf, health spa’s and so much more to keep anybody happy during the day. At night the city comes alive. This is the party capital of the world, and you can afford it

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Travelocity Cruises: Guide to Finding and Picking and Picking an Affordable Cruise

Do you want a good deal on a Caribbean cruise? What about Alaska? Or the Mediterranean? There are also oceanic cruises taking you back and forth between Australia and New Zealand. No matter where you want to go, there is a cruise ship that will take you there. All you have to do is look over Travelocity cruises for some ideas. There are packages available all year around in various parts of the world.

Approximately 20 cruise lines offer packages on Travelocity, although not all at once. It all depends on the time of year and availability. There are budget cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean, as well as more upscale, luxury liners like Crystal Cruises and Cunard.

If you’re looking for a particular theme, there’s a good chance that you’ll find it with Travelocity cruises: honeymoon packages, family cruise experiences, all inclusive cruise, and so forth. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, romance, or fun, there is a ship that offers exactly what you’re looking for.

You also get to choose the length. Cruises can last anywhere from two days to a full month. If you’ve never been at sea before, it’s probably a good idea to start out with a shorter cruise just in case you experience motion sickness.

Factors to Consider in Travelocity Cruises

When comparing prices, factor in the cost of airfare to the departure city as well as a night’s stay in a hotel room near the docks. Even if the cruise package itself is cheap, you still might end up paying a lot of money to get to the dock itself. If you live within driving distance of the docks, you’ll still need to find an inexpensive, safe place to park your car for the duration of the cruise.

As with any aspect of travel Travelocity cruises tend to be the most affordable during off-season, with the exception of holidays. During early to mid summer prices are higher as well since school is out and there is a surge of family cruises. Late summer through fall is usually the cheapest time to travel the Caribbean Islands since it’s hurricane season.

Don’t assume that you will save a ton of money by booking at the last minute. While there are some cheap last minute deals here and there, you will be taking a big risk by not booking early. In fact, it’s better to book as early in advance as possible. Other things to consider when looking over Travelocity cruises include amenities, types of cabins, the itinerary, excursions, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Travelocity cruises come in a wide variety of itineraries, ships, and packages. You can easily filter through them based on factors like destination, departure city, dates, cruise line, number of nights, etc. When you find the cruise you’re looking for, see if there are any Travelocity promo codes that will help bring the price down even more.

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Thailand Hotels – Providing Decent Tourist Stay

Thailand, the country of tropical beaches, beautiful hills, and architectural monuments has been one of the popular tourist destinations in the world. Thronged by countless number of travelers from different corners of the world every year, the country has sustained its identity as a beautiful tourist destination. Also, there are various Thailand Hotels situated around the popular locations that provide comfortable stay to visitors.

The best time to visit Thailand is during the cool season from November-February. These months have sunny days and less chances of rainfall are there. Moisture in whether is also lower during these seasons. You can enjoy all its major destinations during this shiny season. The country’s tourism is prospering in nature. Tourism is one of the mainstays of its economy.

Thailand offer glittering cities, wonderful beaches, ancient temples, picturesque riversides and shopping malls that are considered as some of the major tourist destinations. The country possesses various astonishing locations, which are located in its popular destinations such as Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Koh Chang, Lampang, Pattaya and Phuket. Wat Arun Temple, The Khlong Bangkok Noi and Khlong Bang Yai-Royal Barges Museum, Wang Suan Pakkard in Bangkok are very famous. Similarly, The Sanctuary of Truth, Khao Pattaya View Point and Wat Khao Phra Bat, UnderWater World, The Bottle Art Museum in Pattaya are the other major tourists’ attractions of Thailand. Likewise, The Airport Plaza, Kad Suan Kaew, Warorot and Lamyai Markets, The World Insects Museum and Orchid Farms are the major attractions in Chiang Mai.

Along with these involvements there are even numbers of comfortable accommodations in Thailand that are located at convenient places that enable the tourists to visit the nearby attractions easily. From standard hotels to premium hotels, each and every kind of hotel is available in most of the famous hotspot cities of the country thereby providing cozy stay to the guests. Good in-room and hotel facilities are provided at hotels as per their specific star category. Some of the Thailand hotels such as Chiang Mai Plaza Hotel, Kooncharaburi resort and Sailing Club, and Dhevan Dara Resort and Spa are well known hotels that provide comfortable stay with good facilities to guests. Being at Thailand Hotels make you feel dignified.

So, in what so ever city of Thailand you plan your vacation or event, it is for sure that with the availability of wide range of hotels you can attain a safe and secure stay.

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Australia Hotels – All Details In A Nutshell

Enriched with an extensive range of natural diversity and embellished with cosmopolitan enticements, the country of Australia is a dream vacation destination to the travelers all over the globe. The exquisiteness of the Mother Nature has revealed through emerald tropical rainforest, sun-basking beaches, coral reefs and rocks. At the same time, the cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Canberra showcase modern enthusiasm and vivacity. Being a famous tourist spot, Australia boasts a wide range of hotels spread across the country. Variety is also seen here in terms of these hotels’ prices, locations and facilities. So, no matter what your budget is or where you want to sojourn during your trip, Australia hotels will surely meet your all requirements.

All the famous places in the country possess a number of hotels. Right from luxury beach resorts to budget accommodations to business hotels- everything is available in all these places. So, first decide the place where you would like to stay during your tour and then find a hotel there as per your budget and needs.

There is no dearth of luxury resorts in the country. Luxury-loving vacationers will find a host of 5 and 4-star hotels, which are the synonymous of elegance and opulence. Famous hotel groups such as, Conrad, Hilton, Marriott, Sofitel, Novotel, Hyatt, Mercure, Holiday Inn, Radisson, Four Seasons, Taj, Sheraton etc. have their own establishments in the country. By boarding at all these hotels, guests will enjoy sheer comfortability and warm hospitality. Budget travelers, on the other hand, will also find budget hotels in Australia. All of these hotels provide guests with necessary services and facilities at a reasonable rate.

Now the question is how you would reserve a hotel beforehand. With the advancement of the World Wide Web, most of these hotels offer online hotel booking facility, which is absolutely authentic and hassle-free. Besides, many other travel websites provide lucrative deals with which you can get special discount on Australia hotels. So, first research and after that make the reservation of the hotel of your choice.

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