6 Tips to Enjoy a Lengthy Bus Trip

If you have ridden a bus for hours, then you already know how time-consuming and tiring it is going to be. Unless you know the different ways on how you are going to enjoy the ride, it’s going to be a nightmare for you.

Begin with the following ideas:

Travel light. As much as possible do not break a lot of things when you are traveling, especially if you’re riding a bus. It’s going to be cumbersome for you, and there are no conveyor belts and staff who can remove your bags from the bus. Moreover, traveling light requires less attention to your items and more attention to others such as scenery.

Enjoy the view. Speaking of scenery, you may want to sit near the window, so you can take delight on the panoramic views en route to your chosen destination. This is perhaps one of the best things about bus traveling, something that give it an advantage over plane rides. You may also want to get your cameras ready, so you can capture the best views you will encounter.

Store affirmations in your device and listen to them. If you have failed to listen to affirmations or subliminal messages while you are meditating, then the bus ride is the most ideal time to change the habit. Today you can already download the subliminal messages mp3s, store them in your iPod or mp3 player, and listen to them. You can even combine the listening to meditating (but this may only work for those who already know how to separate themselves from the noise and distraction).

When you listen to subliminal messages or affirmations, you’ll surely feel very much empowered. They can boost your confidence and even help you look forward to the entire trip.

Do a relaxing hobby. Do you like to knit or write a journal? Fortunately, the bus ride is a good time to continue your passion. Doing something you really love can also take your mind away from the time. Before you know it, you have already reached your destination. Just keep one thing in mind: do not disturb the other passengers. The last thing you want to happen is to pick a fight.

Create an itinerary. If you have not created a list of things to do and places to visit, you can do it while you are on a bus ride. Though this is not actually advisable-it is important you are truly prepared to travel-coming up with the list alone is already enough to get you excited about the trip. You would not mind spending a number of hours onboard as long as you get to your chosen destination.

Find a spot that you are truly comfortable. If it is going to be very sunny, find a seat that is not too close to the open windows. Or you can make sure that there are smaller curtains to protect you from the heat. It is not a good thing to sit at the back because you’ll definitely feel the bumps as the bus moves.

Source by Nelson Berry

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