A Place Called Merimbula, Only In Australia

Finding Merimbula accommodation is not that difficult. We were at “down under” last year and did a road trip. I didn’t know that Australia has a lot to offer for tourists and travelers. Australia is such a big continent with few inhabitants, so to speak. Merimbula is a small coastal town on the Far South Coast or Sapphire Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Merimbula is practically a day’s drive from the three capital cities on the South East Coast–470 Kms. south of Sydney, 585 Kms. east of Melbourne and a mere 247 Kms. southeast of Canberra.

Merimbula has its own airport the Merimbula Airport which has daily flights from Sydney and Melbourne. But if you want to have fun and enjoy the scenery, you can go for a road trip which would take 6-7 hours travel from either Sydney or Melbourne.

Merimbula has a lot of motor lodges or motels rather than those fancy hotels. The place is basically endowed with five awesome beaches for surfing, kite boarding and other water sports. Merimbula has its own theme park called Magic Mountain, a ten pin bowling called Top Fun and a mini golf and Zone 3 Laser maze. The Merimbula wharf has its own aquarium full of sea creatures on Sapphire coast. I could not forget also the Potorro Palace which is a nature park which has a collection of native species.

Finding a good accommodation in Merimbula is easy. There are a lot of fine hotels and motels that you can choose. People in Merimbula are very accommodating and they really value tourists in their town.

One event that draws a lot of people in Merimbula is the Annual Merimbula Jazz Festival which falls on the first week of June. Jazz enthusiasts enjoy a weekend of fun and entertainment through over a hundred jazz band participants.

The best time of the year to go to Merimbula is during the summer where people are having their Merimbula Beach Holidays. I will be going back to Merimbula next year and spend more time and enjoy the best Merimbula accommodation.

Source by Scott Williams

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