Australian Summer Season – Trips, Tours and Highlights

The first document attesting of Australia was made in 1606, by the Dutch navigators. In 1770, James Cook explored the Eastern coast of Australia, claiming it for the British Empire. It was transformed in a punishment colony, and as large number of people came here, the local population started to disappear.

As a surface, Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Besides the continental surface, Australia contains several islands, the largest and most interesting of them being Tasmania. Australia is a federation, and a parliament constitutional monarchy. A visit to Australia is an adventure in a huge zoo, with kangaroos, koala bears, emus, Dingo dogs, and Tasmanian Devils. In Melbourne, one of the most beautiful cities of Australia, you can find numerous parks and gardens: the Fitzroy and the Botanical Royal Gardens, and Albert Park Lake. On the Philip Island, you can live unique experiences in the Koala Reservation, where you can admire the nice Koala bears in their natural habitat, and you will even have the chance to walk along them.

In the National Park Port Campbell, you will find the most spectacular and dangerous cliffs in Victoria. Admiring the 12 Apprentices, a column formed with stone pillars and remaining stones from London Bridge, you will understand the impressive force of the Ocean that created those great stone sculptures. In Cairns, you will have the chance to cruise to Agincourt Reef, where you will experience the magic of the Great Corral Barrier, the largest maritime reservation of the world. Here, you can swim, you can take long trips with a boat, and you can relax watching the sea.

A visit to Sidney must start with the Sidney Opera, one of the most beautiful architectural jewelries of humankind. In the old Rocks area, you will see the St. Mary Cathedral, the Parliament, the Darling Port and Chinatown. You can admire the beautiful sightseeing of the port and the famous bridge from the Sidney. You can continue your journey through the cosmopolitan Kings Cross, through the Rushcutters and Double Gulfs, the Watson Gulf and the spectacular Bondi beach. In Sidney, you can also enjoy a cruise and you can admire the city from the board of the cruise ship. At the end of the trip, you can shop and you can eat some interesting foods in the charming area of the port.

You can have a great experience if you would like to rent a car, to admire the beauties of this country from Melbourne to Adelaide. Any method you would choose to visit this country, you will surely be charmed by the unique sightseeing of this continent.

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