Bangkok, A City Filled With Wonders

Frequently ranked as one of the top cities in the world, there is no reason why you should skip a trip to Bangkok. It’s one of those beautiful destinations where the fusion of East and West offers experiences you wouldn’t want to miss out. It is certainly one of its own kind in Thailand and offers plenty to attract millions of tourists to the city. Here are the top reasons why we think you must make your way to Bangkok once in your lifetime, at least.

1. Luxury with a Budget Tag

One of the main reasons why millions of travelers make their way to Bangkok is because it is a city where you can afford luxuries with a budget tag. In comparison to most other cosmopolitan cities, it works out great!

Luxury hotels are in abundance in the city and easy to find if you book early. If you’re dreaming about a luxury break without the worry of crazy travel costs, Thailand is definitely the destination meant for you.

2. The Magical Street Food

When I travel to a new destination, heading off to touristy restaurants is always a huge turn off because the costs are way too high and it takes nothing like the local food.

In Bangkok, street food is what you would find in abundance. It’s cheap, and finger licking amazing. It beats the ambiance of even the finest dining restaurant and is a great option for frugal travelers. For those who worry about hygiene, it’s a relief to know that the food is cooked right in front of your eyes so it really gets to you fresh from the pot!

3. You’re Not Land-Locked

While Bangkok is often criticized for being land-locked, I think there’s no worry when it comes to beached. Short trips from Bangkok take you to Thailand’s most spectacular beaches. Nearly everyone dreams of a holiday where the sun and sand shine at their best. Thailand is blessed with breathtakingly beautiful islands that are ideal to visit all year round. Koh Chang, Koh Mat and Koh Samet are some of the islands that are merely a short drive from Bangkok and offer a perfect beach setting for the tourists.

4. Shop Your Heart Out!

For shopaholics, there is nothing better than heading off to Bangkok. It’s fascinating how you can find amazing value at dirt cheap prices and the luxury tags all in one city.

Where the street markets are pretty famous, Bangkok is also home to malls that would make you go bonkers. In these shopping malls, you’ll see all that you’ve been searching from, from high end clothing labels to handcrafted items.

Thailand is known for its amazing yet affordable shopping experience.

5. Temples

Bangkok is probably home to the world’s grandest temples that have mostly been turned into tourist attractions. From the architecture that is a treat to explore, it’s fascinating to visit these spectacular temples spread all over Bangkok.

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