Hop in Your Bathing Suit Or Not – Discovering Clothing Optional Beaches in Europe

Europeans often do not share the American sense of modesty and nudist beaches are numerous, widely popular, and socially acceptable. Many Americans are unaccustomed to a beach experience san textiles but often find the experience thrilling while vacationing in the more liberal sandy stretches of Europe. Some beaches are more crowded than others but they all have a clothing optional policy. Sun bathing, swimming, even watersports and jogging are enjoyed at most of the nudist beaches in Europe. So if you decide you want to ‘do as the Romans do’ and skip the bathing, then pack your sunscreen and consider a vacation with no tan lines at some of the nudist locations in Europe.


Once again Croatia astounds us a place that appeals to nearly every type of traveler and they don’t disappoint in regards to their birthday suit, beach going people. Located on the Mediterranean, Croatia has some of the best beaches in the world. There are numerous off short islands as well boasting very tourists, most of whom take boats out to them simply to enjoy the naturist beach-going experience. It is a good place to go if you still shy from donning yourself o-natural because the beaches are less crowded. They have camping and sports too on Hvar Island. Try Paklina beach on Brac Island or the resorts on Valalta and Vrsar beaches, just to name a few.


When most people picture nudist beaches of Europe, they most likely picture a beach somewhere in France and for good reason. France has some of the most popular nudist beaches in the world and many resorts that cater to them. You can find superb beaches on both of France’s coasts. In southern France, the Mediterranean, sun-drenched beaches are especially idyllic in all aspects. The Languedoc-Roussillon region is one of the best in southern France. Some villages are entirely dedicated to the nudist way of life with clothing optional policies all over the town, not just the beaches such as Cap d’Agde. The most famous beaches in France though are in St. Tropez however, made famous in the 1960’s by Bridgette Bardot. The Atlantic side beaches such as those in Brittany and the Bordeaux regions are equally beautiful, especially the Euronat beach.


By far the most famous nude beach in Greece has been Mykonos Beach. This is especially popular with the younger crowd because it is here that the party never ends. From sun up to sun down the party goes and tops come off. During the peak summer season, on beaches like Paradise Beach the original nude beach, the crowds can feel crushing so if you prefer a little more elbow room in between you and bare neighbor you could venture out to some of the lesser known though still popular and beautiful nude beaches nearby. Though keep in mind the more private a beach is, the less development there probably is there including restrooms or refreshments but you’ll get the added benefit of having a better view of the ocean instead of you neighbor’s backside. There are two beaches known as Red Beach, one in Greece and one off the coast in Crete. These are well known beaches that offer a break from the crowds and the red sand that gives them their names is warm and inviting. Elia Beach is another good one and is a favorite for the gay and lesbian community. Another fantastic beach is Paraga Beach. It is a hippie haven but also has less daunting crowds. You also have the added benefit of having plenty of restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels to cater to you.


The Swedish people have long since has a love affair with baring all at some of their fantastic nude beaches. It is very popular and widely accepted here. It is certainly worth noting that even in the summer the waters on the coast can be quite chilly but they can also be invigorating. The summer sun warms the beach sand to a pleasant temperature so all in all it is a great experience. The Agesta Beach is probably the best known beach. It is located just outside Stockholm so for most travelers it will be easy for you to get to. If you are looking for privacy and small crowds Säbyträsk, which is 30 minutes north of Stockholm, is a good option for you though keep in mind there are only basic facilities here. Truvebadet is another great beach that has much more facilities. It has a clothing optional policy and lots of facilities to enjoy too. Because of this you can expect more crowds but nothing like the crushing numbers at some of the renowned beaches in other parts of Europe.

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Choosing the Right Airline Travel Agency

A good and reliable airline travel agency unlocks more options and a wider range of services compared to what can be searched on the internet. Moreover, being able to converse with real people at a physical location is found to be more convenient and comforting to many flight customers. It is significant to know that in case any problems occur, there is a travel agency to help resolve the conflict.

Generally, anyone can claim to have travel agencies just by operating businesses. In the United States, it is said that the eleven states which demand business registration only call for filling out of a form and paying fees. With these, the bigger problem lies on which travel agency a customer can trust for the hassle-free experience when it comes to buying airplane tickets. This article will discuss the several factors that customers may consider in choosing the right airline travel agency.

Factors to Consider

The first factor to consider is the agency’s basic services. It is important to know about their hotline, the number of days they are open in a week, amateur or professional email addresses, as well as their internet connection. These are deciding factors so customers will know whether they can instantly reach the company after sending an e-mail or calling the company’s landline in just a minute or two.

After this, it is also recommendable to examine the size of the agency. However, bigger agencies are not necessarily better compared to the smaller ones. If the flight is intended for an individual or a family, a smaller agency might be more compatible. Conversely, if the flight being managed is for a group of a thousand people, then bigger agencies might provide better services.

Moreover, the reputation of the agency should also be noted. Being able to know what previous customers experienced with the agency and its services can build or break the trust of potential customers. Opinions of family members, relatives, co-workers, or friends who had past experiences with various agencies is a good start in choosing the right one.

The fourth factor is the agency’s speciality on a specific travel type. There are two types of travel – business and leisure. While all agencies might be willing to help, if a specific agency specializes on business travels rather than leisure travels, it is more likely that its services more corporate-focused. Customers need to keep this in mind and straightforwardly ask the agency about the primary travel type it can serve.

Lastly, the packages and promos offered by travel agencies can be a plus factor, especially to those with limited budgets. Comparing travel promos of various agencies can determine which one is the most affordable despite having the same set of services. Customers, however, should be aware that there are agencies with little or no background which are providing airfare prices which are too good to be true.

While trying to minimize costs, keep the tips and ideas stated above in mind before purchasing their airplane tickets. After deliberating, customers can then proceed to what they perceive to be the right airline travel agency for them.

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Booking A Holiday – Tour Or Vacation In Chile

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, I am often asked about the destinations I have been to. I try to give a good opinion on those places and offer some helpful advice. Here then, are my top suggestions for sites to take in during your holiday in Chile.

Parts of Chile are mostly desert and highlands and it in places such as these that you will find San Pedro de Atacama, the El Tatío Geyser, and archaeological remains of Andean Cultures. The country also offers fertile valleys and if it is the night sky that interests you, in the small north region of Chile is great place for astronomical observations. There are several beach resorts and in the centre region of the country you will find the renowned Viña del Mar beach resort. Also in the centre region the Valparaíso, Libertador Gral. Bernardo O’Higgins, Maule, and Metropolitan regions are located.

The South region of Chile a is much greener part of the country where you will find the famous Lake District and the most common attractions are the hot springs and the chance to use the ski resort.

The Aysen regions can be found in the North Patagonia which also embraces part of Los Lagos.

South Patagonia on the other hand includes the Magallanes regions and the Chilean Antarctic Territory. Here you will find the unspoiled wilderness and Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego, the Magallanes Strait, and Cape Horn.

Within the city of Valparaiso there are a large number of historical monuments one of the oldest is the ‘La Matriz del Salvador’ church with its slightly slanted tower.

The Palacio de la Monedan is inspired by Neopolitan palaces. It has an imposing neoclassical facade which was originally designed to be a colonial mint. What has given the palace its place in history is the fact that Salvador Allende was killed inside when the palace was bombed in 1973. Guided tours of the Palace are free but you have to request a form at least 15 days in advance to the Administrative Office of the Presidency of the Republic to make a reservation.

The Chilean Patagonia National Park was declared to be a worldwide reserve by UNESCO in 1979 and it is a place of natural beauty. Here you will find the San Rafael Glacier which has existed where it stands for the last 300,000 years. What makes this glacier so magnificent is the stunning blue colours of the ice and the fact that it has regular avalanches making it world renowned.

Torres del Paine National Park, which is located in the Chilean Patagonia was declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978. The National Park is world famous for being one of the most stunningly beautiful, unspoiled locations on the planet. The park is home to the most awesome mountain range, magnificent lakes and wonderful greenery and I am sure you will agree a perfect destination for the adventurer.

Cape Horn is located at the southernmost tip of South America and is often referred as the far end of the earth. The region is rugged as it is located at the end of the Andes Mountains chain. This stunning Antarctic strait connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where you can, depending on weather conditions, experience natural sea walls and cliffs that protrude out almost 1,400 feet from the sea. Being in the right place at the right time will afford you the good fortune of witnessing giant slabs of ice breaking off and crashing into the sea below.

Cape Horn is home to an abundance of sea birds, penguins and seals. As above, being in the right place etc. you could find yourself sharing the waters with a killer whale or two!

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How to Book Cheap Air Tickets to India?

India is incredible. The experience of traveling India is full of mind blowing hospitality, its exotic food, bright colors, and natural beauty. India is actually a complete and full on package of travel. You may end up with the passion to travel from one part of India to another but the destinations places will never end. There are uncountable destinations to visit and explore in India. Now you would like to know about Flights to India.

Tour to India is really exciting but it must not be expensive at all. How to find Cheap Air Tickets to India? Travel, food and accommodation can become cheap and affordable for all the travelers from North America and Europe, the thing is they just to have to plan their tour with proper guidance so that they can receive maximum saving from their traveling program.

If you will embark your self as per the tips given below then you will be able to save a lot on your Flights to India other than accommodation and food. Isn’t that superb?

* Keep your self up to date through correspondents to read about the promotional air tickets from well establish airlines.

* In case you also require a nice hotel for stay then you can opt for a complete package to India where in you will be able to save your money on every aspect and will also get cheap air tickets for India.

* If you are flexible in your traveling plan to India then the probability is high to get cheap flights to India.

* It is advised to plan your holiday with some airline consolidators so that you are able to save your hard earned money.

* You must involve in searching out online for various travel web sites in order to find the most suitable airline ticket for yourself. Another option is to book the airline tickets to India in advance in order to get cheap air tickets.

You will find several airline companies which will surely provide you with great gift vouchers and discounts if you will travel by their airline. The package is stunning and offers each and every help the customers need.

It is possible to get cheap flights to India from all the chief airlines of the nation that involve Paramount Airway, Jet Airways, JetLite, Kingfisher Red, Indigo and Air India. The objective of offering cheap air tickets is that the airlines want to make it possible for passengers to afford the tickets easily.

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America in the Caribbean

The U.S.V.I. includes four uniquely different islands; St. Croix (the largest), St. Thomas (the busiest), St. John (small, quiet and scenic).

The mix of American and Caribbean influence makes the United States Virgin IslandsAmerica in the Caribbean“.

The local population consists of citizens from other Caribbean islands, Americans, Europeans and Hispanics. While English is the main language, you will also hear the dialects of Spanish, French-Patois and Creole.

The musical beat of the islands are a mix of calypso, reggae, steel drums, R&B and hip hop. The local bands sing songs on political and social issues, accompanied to the beat of washboard and gourd instruments.

St. Thomas is the major cruise port of the Caribbean, and the ultimate duty free shopping destination. This is the most popular tourist destination in the Virgin Islands, and offers lots of dining choices, a variety of accommodations including hotels, resorts and fine villas.

St. Thomas is legendary for its hundreds of duty free shops that line the streets of Charlotte Amalie, the capital city. In between the three main strips are side streets and alleys filled with dozens and dozens of shops where you can literally “shop til you drop“. U.S. citizens are allowed $1200 in duty free shopping, and you can send gifts home to yourself, family or friends with no duty or tax.

St. Thomas is an extremely hilly island with little flat land. From a distance the hillsides are covered with bright, colorful flowers. Venturing into the hillside you find yourself surrounded by a subtropical forest of palms, mangrove swamps, and mango, papaya, breadfruit and coconut trees.

Two of the best hilltop views on the island are found at Drake’s Seat, which offers a panoramic view of the nearby islands, and another favorite viewing spot is St. Peter Mountain. Since there is little flat land on the island, just about every turn offers another fantastic view. And, the Skyride to Paradise Point, a modern aerial cable car, is your ride to the best sightseeing in the Virgin Islands. The trip is 7 minutes one-way and takes you 700 feet above sea level.

After sightseeing, stop for lunch in Frenchtown. This unique town is located about a half-mile from Charlotte Amalie. This area is popular with locals and tourists alike, and is home to many great restaurants and bars. Frenchtown is home to the descendants of immigrants from the French island of St. Barthelemy.

Aside from beautiful beaches, awesome views from the hills, first class shopping, and fine dining, the climate in St. Thomas is always a constant. The temperature never drops below 70 degrees, and never gets warmer than 95 degrees. Here you’ll find perpetual sunshine, cooling trade winds and rain showers that last only a few minutes.

Charlotte Amalie boasts a beautiful natural harbor, and there are many protected bays, which make this a perfect destination for beach lovers. St. Thomas offers some of the finest beaches which include Morningstar Beach, Coki Beach, Bluebeard’s Beach, Hull Bay, Limetree Beach, Magens Bay, Sapphire Beach and Vessup Bay. Two of my favorite beaches are Magens Bay and Sapphire Beach. Magens Bay is protected by reefs, and offers great swimming, while Sapphire Beach offers wonderful views of St. John and the surrounding islands.

Moving on to the largest island, St Croix, you will find the pace a bit slower than St. Thomas. Two major towns, Christiansted and Frederiksted offer their own distinctive style with Danish history and architecture. Both towns offer quaint, little shops where you can find deals on perfumes, china, crystal and jewelry. Shopping on St Croix is not as extensive as in the St Thomas shopping district, but it is less crowded and you can find many unique items to purchase.

St. Croix also has a fine array of hotels, resorts, villas, fine dining and expansive beaches. Sandy Point, the largest beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a protected reserve. The waters are shallow and calm, and this is a nesting spot for sea turtles. There are many other fine beaches with protected coves, which make this island a hit with families and honeymooners.

Another favorite spot for visitors to St. Croix is a trip to the National Park at Buck Island. This island is home to Turtle Beach, voted one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic. Buck Island is a world class diving site, with a unique underway trail. Full and half day trips are available.

St John, the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands offers limited accommodations, restaurants and nightlife. What St. John does offer is peace and quiet in the perfect Caribbean tropical paradise.

Life is very laid back, and the locals are extremely friendly, always willing to engage in conversation and provide directions and information. If you’re looking for an active nightlife, this may not be the ideal destination. There are about four small bars on the island, and after dinner the favorite island activity is heading to bed.

Two thirds of St. John is…

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Where to Find Airline Deals on Business Class Seats

Air travel can be costly and, of course, tiring. Flying business class, however, offers the opportunity to make the most of the journey-a great way to travel and to reach the destination invigorated and stress-free. Business class flights are pampered with top-notch lounges, multi-course meals, Internet accessibility, private screens and entertainment systems. Getting expert advice and travel tips can therefore worth the effort in finding airline deals to make flying experience the best it can be. Flying in business or first class, especially, at a price of an airline deal on a business class seat is very well the Holy Grail of air travel. And there are ways to work the upgrades deals on business class seats.

Airlines’ Own Websites

Airlines’ own websites offer great possibilities to find the lowest available fares on business class seats and they may show many fare options. One of the advantages of finding an airline deal on a business class seat on the airlines sites is that the sale s established directly with the airline. It becomes swell more so when flights are cancelled for it will be easier to negotiate an alternative with an airline agent when ticket is purchased directly with them.

Frequent Flyer Miles Program

The frequent flyer miles program with an “elite” status member offers a better chance with more options and better odds at getting that upgrade for a deal on a business class seat. Using frequent flyer miles for an upgrade to a business class seat offers better value for the miles used compared to using miles to purchase a coach award ticket. Upgrade inventory, though, can be limited. It is best to book as far in advance as possible and be flexible about mid-week travel, if possible. Further, upgrades can be doable days and hours before departure-by being on the waiting list.

Travel Agents

The professionals in air travel are the travel agents with the relevant experience about the nuances of air travel. A good and reputable travel agent may well worth the help to find airline deals on business class seats, especially for foreign travel with complex itineraries. Helpful agents do all the work and help eliminate the stress and inconvenience of plodding through endless discount-air fare websites. Also travel agents often have access to special consolidated fares that are not offered directly by the airlines. And knowing all the conditions and restrictions associated with a consolidated fare ticket is key to getting that good value.

Airline-Independent Sites

Airline-independent sites are a good resource for surveying all the airline offerings at once. Among the most popular airline-independent sites where to find deals on business class seats include sites such as:

  • Expedia: one of the world’s leading online travel companies using leading technology-websites, mobile apps and Facebook page to discover destination ideas, get information about flights, hotels, care rentals, cruises, and more. Expedia also offers member rewards program with hotel price guarantees, earning points booking for others, and VIP access hotel room benefits.
  • Orbitz for Business: offers a full service and fully integrated approach to travel and expense management by combining leading technology with expert support to achieve savings in travel expense needed.
  • Travelocity: offers the most comprehensive guarantee in the travel industry. The Travelocity Guarantee is key in Travelocity’s business model, guaranteeing the best prices in air travel-that matches lower prices online or will refund the difference if a lower price is found elsewhere.
  • Kayak: a tech company co-founded by Expedia, Travelocity, and Orbitz, with a different approach in air travel and focus on making airline travel better. At Kayak.Com website and Kayak mobile apps on any SmartPhone or tablet, one can compare hundreds of travel sites in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display and choose where to book.
  • Cook Travel: offers negotiated first class airline tickets and exclusive business class airfare discounts. Cook Travel offers airfare savings of 10 to 60 percent off, as well as 2 for 1 airfare discounts worth pursuing.
  • WholesaleFlights: a boutique travel agency specializing in discount business and first class flights. WholeSale.Com offers customer service with the personal touch of a friendly travel concierge helping with the research and providing several discount flight options in both business and first class.
  • OneTravel: offers a wide selection of business and first class flights with a low fare promise subject to terms and conditions, good for website bookings only.
  • CheapOair: also offers opportunities to explore cheap business class flight deals.

Other Ideas

Taking advantage of what is known as fare buckets is also a great way to gain savings in air travel. The further in advance a ticket is purchased the more fare options there are. On some flights there may be over a dozen different fares for coach, business or first class seats. However, it is often the case, that the cheaper the fare, the more restrictions and conditions there are attached to that bucket. And the few ways to find a cheaper fare bucket seat may be to change the time of departure or leaving a day earlier or later.

Further, there is also the website, ExpertFlyer.Com, an airline-independent website that does not sell tickets; rather, the site lists all the fares and rules for all flights. ExpertFlyer.Com is designed to meet needs of the frequent flyer, the airline mileage program “elite-tier” passengers, professional travel managers, and the occasional air traveler looking for the best values. ExpertFlyer.Com is a 24/7 real-time powerful air travel information service and offers information on seat maps on specific flights that show which flights are occupied or not.

Generally, the cost and rigors of air travel can be daunting. Ways these rigors can be minimized is to travel smart. Other useful resources worth taking a look at when making travel plans are websites such as SeatGuru and SeatExpert-sites with proven technology that offer designs of the cabins and graphical layouts of seats and the pros and cons for the various seats on the planes.

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Spain Travel

Traveling to Spain, the tourist hub of Europe is a satisfying experience. Spain is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe. As the trip is planned, one is so overwhelmed with many fascinating sights, beautiful landscapes, and charming towns to fit into limited time and budget. A foremost cultural centre of Europe, it has beautiful cities and towns with old attractive monuments as well as ultra modern architectural wonders! Apart from the well known Flamenco music, dance, matadors and bull fights, this lovely land is also known for some pretty beaches, resorts and best vine yards. Idyllic rural settings coupled with bustling urban bonhomie make this destination a loved one among the traveler. Superb Spanish melodies listened at one of the clubs may forever haunt you. As Spaniards boasts themselves-“Spain is Different”, is aptly correct as a traveler steps on to the soils of the country.

Travel Spain offers too many options for a would-be traveler; a lengthy sojourn or a short tour over a week end. Or a budget travel with limited visits to only known places. Carry a big wallet and explore the nook and corners of the country with all the time at your disposal. Spain has offerings for travelers of all hues and kinds.

Once the mind is made up to travel this glorious country, a bit of preparation is definitely needed. A well drawn calendar and a defined itinerary are most welcome. Learn some basic words of Spanish and have knowledge of local custom and get ready to board countless numbers of flights operating from all corners of the world. Once in Spain, travel is relaxed, accommodation plentiful, the climate benign and soothing, the people relaxed and easy going, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy get and full of regional variety. You can be one of the most satisfied tourists among the similar 50 million visiting each year. Spain is a favorite playground of British, Dutch, and German tourists who badly wants to escape their own extreme winter climates for some Spanish summer sun. Exotic beaches of Barcelona, Marbella, Malaga and Canary Islands are always alive with cool beer, hot Sangria, bathing parks and bewitching beauties! Spanish travel is one beehive of pleasant surprises!

As one travels interior up north, there are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore interspersed with great vine orchards along the way. Just hopping in to one of the wineries will open the taste buds of any Wine connoisseur. A cool evening with loved ones in a fine restaurant can offer bewildering array of food and choicest of famed wines. A drive to Seville can open up plenty of entertainment possibilities with varied experiences. Beaches on the northern coast are entirely different from their southern counterparts; most of them being isolated and idyllic offering plenty of privacy.

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What Is EasyJet’s Cancellation Policy?

Do you have an EasyJet flight you cannot use any more? EasyJet will not allow you to cancel your flight (and get your money back). But, do not despair! EasyJet allow flight name changes, which means that you can sell your flight to someone else! You are unlikely to recover 100% of the price you paid, but even getting half of your money back is better than losing all of it.

The name change fee depends on when you make the change. If it is 60 or more days before the day of the flight (for return flights this is the day of the outbound flight), the fee is €21, £15 or $23. If you change the name within 59 days of the departure the fee is €65, £45 or $68.

Change fees are per person, per flight segment. E.g. the change fee for a return flight is double the amounts mentioned above.

EasyJet allows changes to the departure and destination airport. This means that for a fee you can change a ticket from London to Rome to become a flight from Madrid to Sofia. You can also make changes to the ticket dates. The flight change fee again depends on how long before the flight you make the changes. If it is 60 or more days before the day of the flight (for return flights this is the day of the outbound flight), the fee is €21, £15 or $23. If you change the flight within 59 days of the departure the fee is €65, £45 or $68. For flight changes, in addition to the flight change fee stated above, you will also need to pay the difference in price between the cost of the original flight booked and the cost of the flight at the time the change is made. No refund will be made if the cost of the flight is lower at the time of the change.

A lot of people will be happy to buy your tickets from you, as long as you offer them a good price. You will rarely recover 100% of the price you paid (unless the price of the flight has increased significantly and you do not have to pay the fare difference), but even getting 50% back is better than not getting anything!

If you have an EasyJet ticket and you need to sell it, you can go to a marketplace for transferable flights and holidays, where you can hopefully sell your ticket!

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Major Attractions in Phuket

Phuket is known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,’ and is the biggest of all Thailand’s islands. This much sought out beach destination attracts millions of visitors to its shores. The idyllic palm-fringed beaches, exciting water sports and world-class spas are a magnet for the tourists who wish to get away from it all. Here are just some of the activities that you can enjoy in Phuket.

Patong Beach: It is on this beach that the main action is concentrated. The beach has a lively social vibe during the day complete with resorts, bars, restaurants and vendors and has a quaint European feel. Patong is also the main venue for the famed nightlife.

Phangan Bay: The first sight to greet you of Phangan Bay is of awe-inspiring limestone karsts rising vertically out of the waters. Day tours are available that allow you to go in and out of the caves that are home to a vast variety of marine life. Apart from the caves, the island is also known for its full moon parties. However, for the rest of the time the island remains quiet and is perfect for those who wish to find solace in nature.

Phuket FantaSea (Kamala Beach): The theme park is an interesting mix of myth, legend, creativity and imagination. There is also some history thrown in for good measure. You can spend an interesting day watching airborne antics by acrobats, flying elephants and mock battles. There is also a bazaar within the premises that serves one of the largest buffets in Asia.

Bangla Road Nightlife: The nightlife in Phuket needs no introduction. Some find it depraved while others find it exciting but the fact is that none are able to resist it. The real action begins around nine at night when somebody lights off a firework and then continues till the wee hours of the morning. The night action includes live shows, music and everything else that adds to the chaotic yet exhilarating atmosphere. Those looking for something quieter will not be disappointed either.

Big Buddha: The massive 45 meters high statue of Lord Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Kata beach and Chalong. From the site you can enjoy 360 degrees sweeping views of Phuket.

Old Phuket Town: The old quarter flaunts a distinct Sino-colonial architecture and showcases the life of the Chinese migrants who came here over 100 years ago to work in the tin mining industry. While here, you can stroll through Thalang, Phang Nga and Dibuk roads as well as Soi Romani an enriching experience.

Accommodation in Phuket

Phuket is a very popular tourist destination not only in Thailand but all of South Asia. There are accommodation types to suit all tastes and budgets from luxury Phuket villas to budget guesthouses. Most of the resorts and hotels are located along the beaches and near golf courses.

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Low Price Plane Tickets – 3 Tips to Get Absolute Rock Bottom Prices on Airline Travel

If you are planning on traveling anytime soon then I bet you are interested in how you can get your hands on some low price plane tickets. Well here I am going to show you exactly how to do that in 3 simple steps. Each method that I talk about will get you some great deals on airline travel if you just make a commitment to try these simple measures.

1. First off you can get some really great deals on airline tickets by flying at times that other people typically do not want to fly. What happens is that many airlines struggle to fill these seats, and then you have the ability to negotiate with them to get some very low prices.

2. To get low price plane tickets you can also contact the airlines directly. Most people do not think of doing this because they assume the prices will be higher, but the reality is that they airlines often times come out with some good deals that can really save you a ton of cash. The best time to get these deals is to call shortly after midnight when the systems have just been updated and the new deals are in place.

3. The best method by far that I have found for getting low price plane tickets is to have some inside information. By this I mean knowing someone that currently works or used to work at an airline. Most of the time these people will know the true tricks of the trade, and as a result can teach you how to get some really great deals on airline travel!

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