Cheap Flights

Most cheap flights travellers have faced the occasional moment of clarity when they have questioned their own wisdom in using cheap flights carriers. Those moments often arrive when your flight has just been cancelled or you’ve just been hit with a bill for the 300 grams of excess baggage you had the misfortune to accumulate on your holiday.

There are, in all honesty, no shortage of shortcomings when it comes to the cheap flights industry but there is no question it has revolutionised the planet for countless thousands of ordinary people.

For many living in large or remote countries they would simply never have had the opportunity to visit foreign countries if it weren’t for cheap flights.

And for those living in Europe, the entire region has become a potential long-weekend destination.

The market for long and short distance travel has expanded rapidly since early innovators such as Ryan Air came on the scene in the late 1990s. This brand new demographic of international travellers, while not without their drawbacks, are certainly expanding the tourism opportunities across the globe.

For Australians the entire Asian region has been opened up with a number of cheap flights [] airlines competing with each other to drive prices down.

Local tourism operators in places like the UK have turned out to be some of the biggest losers, however, as they are suddenly competing with Spain, Portugal and Italy for the weekend holidayer market.

Where before the choice for the average English family was a weekend in either Brighton or Portsmouth, now destinations such as Amsterdam, Cairo and Prague are just a cheap flight away. And they are proving irresistible with record numbers of travellers taking up the opportunity to fly internationally each year.

Some good tips for booking cheap flights:

  • Always book ahead: Savings will always be at their maximum if you can book your ticket well in advance.
  • Travel in off-peak times: Travelling during off-peak and shoulder seasons between Autumn and Spring are always cheaper than summer.
  • Don’t be afraid to use a travel agency: Some of these get access to great deals and if you are a first time international traveller they can take some of the heartache out of the experience.
  • Research on the internet: there are many fantastic cheap flights websites out there with access to some great package deals.
  • Safety concerns have arisen in certain regions in recent times – particularly in Asia and Africa. When it comes to air travel, the word “cheap” should never apply to safety. If an airline cannot compete in the marketplace without slashing their safety budget then it should forfeit its right to operate at all. Make sure you check the safety record of your airline.

The girls on their hens night are screaming at the guys on their stag night, the leg room is cramped, the hostess is rude and the departure time came and went before you boarded… but after arrival, as you sit back and soak up the warm foreign sun on distant shores – without having to break the bank – you’ll reflect on just how great cheap flights are.

Cheap flights have changed the world.

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Feel the Energy of the World Cup by Booking Any of the 4 Cheap Hobart Flights

Tournaments like ICC Cricket World Cup and FIFA World Cup boost the sale of airline tickets. To feel the excitement of the game, sports lovers from all across the globe reach at the stadium, where the game is being organised. The ongoing Cricket World Cup is not an exception and people are making their plans in advance to enjoy these games. People who do not want to miss the fun of the league match between Sri Lanka and Scotland can explore these four options that ensure cheap Hobart flights from India.

Etihad and Virgin Australia

The first and cheapest in the list is the one operated by Etihad in cooperation with Virgin Australia. It leaves from the Delhi airport at 4.25 am and reaches Abu Dhabi at 7.15 pm. After a layover period of around 3 hours, the next flight operated by the same carrier takes passengers to Sydney. The layover time in Sydney is 1.6 hours and afterwards, passengers leave for Melbourne with the Virgin Australia services. This is the last stop in the journey before reaching the destination. After taking a halt at the Melbourne airport, the same carrier operates cheap Hobart flights.

Qantas and Jet Airways

Comparatively costlier than the previous one, it is also one of the cheap Hobart flights. This one leaves at 8.55 am from New Delhi for Singapore. After reaching there, passengers have to wait for a while, before boarding their next flight at 8.35 pm. Afterwards, they are taken to Melbourne with Qantas services, and from there they board the final flight to Hobart. It takes 22.5 hours, including the halt time, to cover the distance between Hobart and New Delhi.

Qantas, Jet Airways and Jetstar

This option is more or less similar to the above mentioned one as the journey time and the number of stopovers is same. New Delhi, being the capital city, has become hub for transport as well. This one also leaves from the Indira Gandhi International Airport at 8.55 am. Following the same route, Jet Airways flight takes fliers to Singapore, and from there, with the help of Qantas services, they are taken to Melbourne, which is the second stop in the journey. Passengers then board the direct flight to Hobart operated by Jetstar. These flights take almost a day because of several stopovers; hence, people are suggested to keep in mind the time difference before making reservations.

Emirates, Jet Airways, Qantaslink

Another option for people looking forward to watch the Sri Lanka vs Scotland at Bellerive Oval game is the service offered by Emirates, Jet Airways and Qantaslink. This flight leaves at 8.55 in the morning and follows the same route as the previous two. Passengers finally reach at 12.55 pm on the next day. The only difference is layover time at different airports. The reason behind this is the variation in the schedule of flights operated by associated carriers.

In addition to these cheap international flights, travellers can earn extra value for their money by making booking at They can avail 10X points by making payments with their HDFC Bank Diners Club Credit Card. Under this scheme, 50 reward points are credited on expenditure of every INR 150. Experience the thrill of this World Cup with such alluring offers and cheap flights.

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Reasons Why Everyone Should Use External Venetian Blinds In Their Buildings

Every one of us loves the feeling of protection and comfort. People enjoy their stay in the rooms that have proper covers to avoid morning sun.

The External Venetian Blinds come in different materials and designs. They don’t just keep the sunlight out of the building, but also ensure necessary lighting inside. From hotels to commercial buildings, this product has been providing its services to every type of building.

Here are a few reasons why every building should use External Venetian Blinds to improve the comfort and sustainability.

1. Keep the necessary heat inside the building.

These products are famous for their ability to prevent the heat from going out of the buildings. They don’t let the warm air go out, which as a result, reduces the cost of air conditioning in buildings. Hence, with a small change, big commercial spaces can save a lot of money by reducing their electricity bills. All in all, it can be said that blinds are basically an energy saving product.

2. Don’t let the excess sunlight come inside

Well, no one wants to overheat their building. It doesn’t just make it uncomfortable for the people to stay inside but also increases the cost of air conditioning during summers.

For people who are concerned about this issue, these products work as a guardian angel. They prevent the sun rays from entering and overheat the building or houses and keep the temperature of the rooms under control. Hence, it is wise to invest in blinds rather than wasting excess money in air conditioning.

3. Control the amount of light you want

With this type of covering, you can control the sunlight. For instance, you can create a blackout in the room when you are sleeping, or you can keep it semi-closed to get only the necessary amount of light. Many office buildings, school, hospitals require a different amount of light during different parts of the day. This product proves to be the best, at these places.

4. Protection from noise

People who live in cities keep complaining about the noises of the vehicles and other things that come inside the house. By covering your homes with this type of products, you can get rid of those noises for good. The noise protection of these blinds ensures a peaceful environment of the house. You can finally get that afternoon nap without any disturbance.

5. Safety of the building

By adding an extra layer on your windows, you get proper safety and security with External Venetian Blinds. All the contents of the room can’t be seen through windows. Plus, the windows are now stronger due to the high density, raw materials used in making of these coverings.

Adding to that, the system comes with automatic closing and opening facility, which enhances the overall security of the house or building.

Hence, these are all the necessary reasons why you should cover your homes with External Venetian Blinds. For people who want more- the different colors of these coverings enhance the looks and beauty of the houses and commercial spaces.

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Almyra And Anassa, On Cyprus – Thanos Hotels Group Includes These Two Splendid Resorts

First to Almyra, a trendy-hip box-of-a-hotel right on the shore, a few minutes’ walk from Paphos, the fishing village that turns to youthful activity when the sun goes down. Owned by Kikkos Monastery since its launch in 1973, the 158-room hotel has had such a makeover it reminds me of Clint Eastwood redone as Brad Pitt.

I was in villa 10, which could inelegantly be described as a modern terraced bungalow, even nearer the water than the main blocks. All white outside, it is similarly light within. You look through the room to your private concrete terrace, from which you can go down three steps to a grass patch shared with your neighbours, with the beach below (you also share your flat rooftop with them – again white, it has been sculpted with white seating and becomes pretty sexy by night). In the room, thanks to French designer Joelle Pleot – who had earlier redone Thanos Michaelides’ home – I had grey marble floors, palest white-grey walls, soft wood furniture with pale blue leather upholstery and pillows. A futuristic stainless fan whirred overhead. The bathroom had a big overhead rainforest shower as well as a hand-held unit, and lovely LaSource toiletries, from Crabtree & Evelyn, that matched that pale blue upholstery.

We met for dinner in the outdoor restaurant, by the beach. The menu is international with a twist. Fish and chips here is a basket filled with fried calamari, served with a metal pot of ‘village’ fries and another pot of tartar sauce. When I got back to my villa, I found the bed turned down, and a red apple on a round card, on which was written ‘Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold, but the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul’.

In the morning I did a pre-breakfast power walk along the coastal path, coinciding with some young revelers still on their way home from the previous night. Fishermen were already getting ready to go out. I returned, to be ready for breakfast, in another outdoor area. I checked out the massive hotel lobby, really only used during winter months unless, like me, you wanted WiFi (perfect reception here, which is not usual on this island). Pleot has deliberately turned the lobby into a residential home, albeit a massive one, with lots of different chairs, different seating areas. In winter there is a giant open log fire. Her sense of colour comes out in the bright orange chairs in the bar area. I was offered a round of golf, a mere 20 minutes away, but it was time to go.

Forty minutes later we were in the north-west section of the island at the small coastal town of Polis. We headed west towards the Akmasa Peninsula, and after four miles turned off the oleander-flanked road into the private drive of Anassa (‘Queen’, named for Aphrodite, whose mythical baths are a few miles further along). This Leading resort, opened in 1998, cascades over 70 acres of rough coastal terrain. It is, frankly, huge. A water feature in the outside turning circle and then a guard of honor of seven water jets greet you as you come in to a honey-colored marble colosseum. To get to the sunset terrace, to look down to the sea, it is a 200-foot walk (I measured it), along wide open corridors, which take angles, say past a big mirror flanked by a pair of green lights. Thanks to designer Darrell Schmitt, you can always see something intriguing, and there are strategically-placed local pots, or modern icons, to give culture as you walk – or through gorgeous gardens, immaculately tended, with lawns but also acres of natural bush, a millefeuille of different colored flowers.

The 173 rooms are set, village-like, in blocks. I was in 73, a downstairs suite with private outside entrance, parlor and bedroom, and a stone-walled terrace with plunge pool. My rooms had pale wood floors, cream walls, paintwork and shutters covered with fine curtains. Here the fans were pale creams, hanging from slightly peaked cream wood ceilings. I had a bathroom and a half, with Bulgari.

I rushed out to the spa, somehow finding my way across the ‘village square’ and the little church – contemporary with the resort – where a couple, attended by their ten-ish son, were being married. The spa is semi-subterranean, a real draw as it has 17 treatment rooms. They offer thalasso and Organic Pharmacy, the London firm apparently beloved of Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. I had an anti-ageing body treatment, namely a scrub of white sugar, salt and rose petals followed by a wrap of day and Andean rose petals, then a rose oil spread, then a body cream which included the following ingredients, green coffee fatty acids, guarana, horsetail complex, ivy and meadowsweet – a 200ml pot this from the Organic Pharmacy webset will cost you £150.

There are five restaurants, cleverly not all open every night. Wednesday is Cypriot night, a buffet with live dancing in the ‘village square’, and lots of fun (had I stayed another night I would have coincided with the weekly management cocktail. The new chef here is Australian Ashley Goddard, who wants – as he did at Soneva Fushi – to plant an organic garden, for guests to visit.

In the morning, the sun streamed in through shutters that I had deliberately left open. I got up, looked over my plunge pool to exotic bushland, far down to the ocean. A mountain bike awaited, and I managed a good workout. My room service breakfast was simple style, a big wood tray holding marvellous orange juice and a generous bowl of unsweet local yoghurt. I had a heart shape of butter, French L’Ancienne jams and local honey, a Frette napkin and oodles of flavourful coffee. It was time for my acupuncture, from an amazing local resident, Christine Whittaker, a Welsh woman who gave up serious law for a change of lifestyle, and spent four years studying detailed acupuncture in Beijing. She was supposedly doing my face but at one point I opened one eye to find myself lying with needles stuck in all up and down my legs. I felt like Gulliver with the Lilliputians. And this one is for energy, she said, putting one in the top of my head. She counted ’em in, counted ’em out (fortunately the same).

Sadly, no time for tennis or watersports or even trialling all the restaurants. My car awaited, and I promised myself to come back (35% of all guests here are repeats). Well done Thanos and sisters!

P.S. the following night Christine’s energy needle took effect. I woke up at 2 am bursting with creativity.

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How to Find Cheap Air Tickets in India

How to get cheap air tickets? – this word strikes in our mind when we book any flight to any destination for our self or in a group. As there are many ways to save money on your domestic travel in India but we are suggesting you few most important ways to make your travel under your budget and save more.

Advance Booking If you are planning a holiday trip with your friends and family, we suggest you book your travel in advance. If you book more than 30 days advance, you can win free tickets for your companion and you will surely save on your travel. Secondly by advance booking, you can avoid the issue of non availability of seats.

Book Hotel with your Air Tickets

If you are traveling for a week or more, we suggest you book your hotel along with your travel. You can save more than 40% on your hotel+ticket booking. In the peak season there is always an issue of non availability or high price room rates. There are many Online Travel Agents in India who do holidays planning to you and offer exciting discounts on combined booking of hotels with air tickets.

Book Online

The best way to save more money on your travel is to book your self from home or office. You can compare airfares with more than 4 or 5 websites and then book the best deals. You can pay with your credit card or net banking and get more discounts offered by the card companies.

There are many other ways to save money in India on your travel and there are lot of options also. Search and compare for more details.

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Interesting Facts About School Uniforms That Will Surprise You

Whether you love or hate school uniforms, the reality is that these garments do have many undisputable positive attributes. Here are some interesting facts about them that will surprise you:

(I) Uniforms Reflect The Reality In Society

If you though that the restricted clothing in schools is just an artificial construct that hardly reflects real-life, then you are truly mistaken. Have you considered how many occupations require wearing of specific attire? This includes emergency service workers, hotel staff, military personnel (the army has various categories of garments such as ceremonial, mess and general duty dress, as indicated by the Australian Defence Force), air hostesses, pilots and so many more.

Even the professions that don’t expressly state specific clothing requirement also have unwritten dress codes. Why else do bankers and lawyers dress up in smart suits usually with dark hues – no fancy colors or outlandish clothes?

Just as you would go to work dressed in official garments and leave all your casual attire for home or casual use, so also should you feel comfortable wearing formal uniforms when attending your classes. If you really want to express your individuality and unique personality, then let that wait until you get back from school – most probably, that is exactly what you’ll be doing in future after a hard day’s work.

(ii) Could Uniforms Make You More Creative?

Have you noticed which countries such top designers as Miuccia Prada, Vivienne Westwood and Rei Kawakubo come from? Well, they all come from either Italy, Britain or Japan – countries that are known for their uniform policies in schools. However, the interesting thing is that the works of these designers are well-known for pushing the boundaries of fashion and art.

On the other hand, we have a group of designers whose works have an uncanny resemblance to uniforms. These include Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren. Where do these designers come from? Of all places in the world, you wouldn’t expect them to come from America, which has had a lot of flexibility in its school dress code.

Could it be that the experience of abiding by strict uniform policies, throughout the learning years, leads to more unconventional creativity, rather than stifling it?

(iii) A Cheaper Option

Every parent is sure to lament at the extra cost of catering for a child’s education, simply because uniforms have to be bought, apart from buying books, stationary, and other school necessities. This may seem like a hefty price to pay just for your child to learn. Wouldn’t it be so much cheaper if your child didn’t have to get any other clothes apart from the ones he/ she already has?

If you think wearing uniforms is more expensive, you haven’t considered how picky young children are when selecting their own clothes. Just when you think your boy or girl has all the clothes he/ she needs, you find yourself going back to the store for another pair of trousers or a new shirt, simply because the one you bought has ostensibly gone out of fashion.

Fortunately, uniforms are never in or out of fashion – they’re simply uniforms – always dependable and wearable. The only time you ever need to go for a new pair is if the one you bought happens to wear off.

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Cruising To Alaska From Vancouver? Three Secrets You Must Know

1.Arrive into Vancouver at least a day before your cruise sails. Of course I may be slightly biased, but Vancouver is going to be one of your top ports of call during this cruise. So often I’ve seen cruisers fly into Vancouver on the day their cruise departs and completely miss this wonderful city. In addition, the added stress level of making your ship on time is no way to start your vacation if all does not go according to plan. All it takes is one missed plane connection, a mechanical difficulty, a problem at the border, or bad weather and your entire vacation could be ruined. Trust me, the ship will not wait for you in Vancouver if you are late, and you are solely responsible for making it to the ship on time. Not only that, but the tides and currents sailing out of Vancouver make it so that the Captain in many cases must leave on time, or run the risk of being held in port for hours until it’s safe again to depart. There are incredible tours and sightseeing options in Vancouver and if you can swing the time it is definitely worth it. The same is true of your departure day – why end a perfectly good cruise vacation by stressing out on whether or not you will make it off the ship in time to make that ridiculously early flight home?

2. Getting to the ship. There are several ways to do this depending on whether or not you are going to totally disregard tip number one and try to go straight to the ship, or whether you are going to head straight to your hotel. 2015 marks the first season in a long time that only Canada Place will be used for cruise departures and thank God for that! Those of you who may have cruised from “the other” pier known as Ballantyne Pier in the past, will certainly agree with me that it was a disappointing start to your cruise to say the least. Ballantyne Pier is poorly located outside of the downtown core and far from the majority of hotels in the city. Fortunately for you, Canada Place is where your ships departure destination will almost certainly be this year. The cruise terminal is located at Canada Place which is very close to a multitude of hotels, taxis and the Canada Line; Vancouver’s fully automated rapid transit train line. Some cruise lines offer bus transfers to the ship or hotel however my recommendation is to do the math first. A taxi from Vancouver Airport to Canada Place with a 15% tip will run you around $35 to $45 dollars Canadian and takes around 30 minutes. Most ship purchased bus transfers will cost you around the same per person so they may not be the best deal unless you are travelling solo. If you don’t mind dragging all your luggage around and walking a few blocks the Canada Line train costs just under $10 per person and is around a 30 minute trip to the pier- not bad if you have a backpack, but with luggage I’d recommend against it. After you get off the train you have to walk to the ship which is around ten minutes from train to the ship luggage drop off point. My first choice would be to arrange a pick up from a pre cruise tour company or perhaps a private sedan to take you to your hotel. There are plenty of tours and luxury rides available online or at the airport and you should arrange this before you get on the plane. A private sedan or limousine will usually run you around $60-$80 Canadian plus gratuity. If you are coming in early be aware that most hotels check in time is between 3pm and 4pm, however any decent hotel will try to accommodate you early or at the very least offer to store your luggage upon arrival until your room is ready.

3. When is the best time to arrive at the ship? Well, if you like sitting around, standing in lines or waiting at immigration go first thing in the morning. If you’re like me and would prefer to spend your day enjoying Vancouver or sleeping in a bit you should think carefully about what time you arrive to the cruise terminal at Canada Place to board your ship. The time it takes you to board the ship from getting dropped off at the pier can vary anywhere from 20 minutes to 4 hours depending on when you arrive and how many ships are in port. Keep in mind that the ship is more than likely dropping off a few thousand guests who have just completed their cruise. It usually takes until at least 10am to clear out the ship from the departing guests, and another hour before they will allow newly arriving guests to start the check in process. If your first port of call is a Canadian port such as Victoria or Prince Rupert you will probably be spared going through United States Immigration at the pier in Canada Place. If your cruise is however like the majority of Alaskan cruises and your first port is in Alaska, you will more than likely go through the US immigration inspection just prior to the ships check in process at Canada Place which is why you need to have your passport handy. The procedure usually runs in this order; luggage drop off, security screening, US immigration processing, cruise line check in, and then, the moment you’ve been waiting all this time for-boarding the ship! Even if you are the first person onboard the ship at 11am, most of the ship including your staterooms won’t be accessible to you until around 1pm when the ships staff have finished cleaning and preparing everything for you. What this means is that the first two to three hours of check in you will be sitting or standing in a huge line, and then when you do get onboard, if it is before 1pm you will be forced to wait in a public area of the ship with your carry on luggage until they announce that your rooms are ready over the ship’s PA. My advice is enjoy Vancouver, and show up a bit later in the early afternoon for check in instead of trying to get to Canada Place at 9am so that you can stand in line with 2000 other guests. Having said that make very sure of course that you check your sail-away time and don’t leave it to the last minute either. You should be at the pier a minimum of 90 minutes before sail-away time at the very latest as the check in process is usually closed at least an hour before sail away.

So there you have it, the first of many tips for this years Alaskan Cruise Season. Don’t miss next time when I will tell you all about what to expect on your first day onboard, from how to get room upgrades, to what needs to be done the first day of the cruise, and what can wait until day two. Until then, thanks for reading and Bon Voyage!

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The Latest Bathroom Trends

Spa and hotel-inspired bathrooms are considered as a design trend for this year. Although the bathroom trends are changing each year, the earthy tones and elements are taking the central part this year. The focus is placed on stone and wood elements, green plants and natural light – everything that will help people to escape from the stress of modern living.

What is considered as timeless in terms of the colours in the bathroom – white and neutral colours is the answer. Many people are choosing these colours because it is rarely possible to make a mistake. The brave ones decide to play with colours and have fun. Trendy bathroom colours for 2018 are blush pink, green and blue. If you don’t want to incorporate these bold colours, then you should put colour on the wall or floor tiles.

If you want to change your bathroom mood and character, you should install a layered lighting. Hanging single overhead lights is no longer a practice if you want to achieve positive ambience and relaxation. LED technology took the lighting a step further putting a focus on interesting details. The trend for this year is decorative pendant lights and chandeliers. Make sure they comply with Australian standards.

With years, we are witnessing a growing number of intelligent smart bathrooms. Exclusive for these bathrooms are sensor-activated and self-cleaning toilets, electronic touch-screen mirrors, seat wormers, high-tech showerheads. All these products increase the functionality of the bathrooms.

For practical and functional bathroom – the storage is everything. While stowing everything in cupboards in 2017, this year displaying your stuff in open shelves is trending. This type of storage is well-known in spas. Put some folded towels, pretty potted plants and essential oil bottles. You can even put some bigger baskets to store your personal things. Obviously, we are talking about a nice and beautiful way to storage, however, don’t forget to keep things clean and not overcrowded.

Mirrors and basins maybe have the biggest focus nowadays. Scandinavian-styled and timber-framed mirrors are among the most popular. Basins come in a variety of shapes, colours and materials. They absolutely can bring drama in your bathroom.

You should know that this process is a long-term investment and requires professionals who care about every single detail. Now, designing or renovating your dream bathroom is just one step to you.

What are you waiting for? Don`t dream anymore, it is possible to have that perfect room just for you!

Source by Maria Williams

Cheap Flight to Delhi: Rediscover India With History, Quirky Food and Delhi Hotels

Delhi is not just a good place but a great one that has never failed to appeal to a tourist. Irrespective of the fact whether you are an Indian tourist or a foreigner, a Delhi trip will be a revelation. The city with its quirky food, traditional bazaars and flashy Delhi hotels, will help you rediscover life and rediscover India. The presence of temples and mosques is always soothing and also an indication of the city’s religious tolerance and multi-ethnic persona. And then there are those sheer monuments which will always take your breath away and draw gasps from young and old alike!

Delhi’s attractions are too many to count! It would be a disservice to them to try to fit in all in this small piece of article. The space is too small to pay sufficient homage to all of them. The top few attractions, however, can be accommodated. Qutub Minar is a minaret which is similar to the tower of Pisa albeit for the fact that the former is carved entirely out of red bricks. Hence, the minaret is a one of a kind structure in the world. Red Fort and India Gate are two other popular monuments and sites which are always included in any Delhi tour package. Lotus Temple, Jantar Mantar and Jama Masjid also deserve a visit.

Catching a cheap flight to Delhi will be your foray into India’s political hub. Delhi, being the capital of the country, houses eminent buildings like the Sansad Bhavan (Parliament House) and the Rashtrapati Bhavan (President’s House). While both the buildings have their political significance, they are also eye-catching in their architecture. The former is circular in shape while the latter defines excellent engineering!

Delhi is also famed for its night life. The Delhi hotels have lounges and special services to keep you happy and elated after the sun sets. But in case, you feel like stepping out into the city-lights, then you will be greeted by discotheques, clubs, bars restaurants and theatres. Even though the city goes to bed after midnight, there are restaurants and bars that stay open till late hours. And the discos are always fun places to while away your entire night amidst resounding music and foot-tapping tunes!

Delhi roars like a tiger when it comes to shopping! It is one of those cities where the young girls can be found to flash cleavage and boys too are quite conscious about fashion. Amazingly for you, you can walk into a bright mall and peep into branded retails or you can head to local bazaars where non-branded stuffs are sold at low prices. No matter what kind of a shopper you are, don’t miss out on visiting Chandni Chowk! It is like Thailand’s China Town where fashion, food and culture congregate to give you a breathtaking experience.

At the day’s end when you get back to your Delhi hotels, you can look forward to the velvety bed and incredible hospitality. Good night, Delhi! Time to sleep and to wake up to a new morning and another exciting day ahead!

Source by Sanjana Singh Jadon

Paying College Athletes – Why It Should Be Done And How To Do It

For quite some time now, there has been a big debate about whether or not college athletes should be paid. Some people believe that a scholarship should be payment enough. After all, a scholarship can be easily worth $15,000 – $25,000 or more per year, plus a career after college that can be worth a million dollars over a lifetime. Additionally, student athletes receive all kinds of perks while they are in college, like staying at fancy hotels, being seen on national tv, and all of the notoriety that goes with being a stare athlete. Its hard to put a price tag on all of that.

However, considering the fact that certain college sports generate millions of dollars for college athletic programs, many people believe the athletes are being used. If the average football scholarship is worth $20,000 per year, yet the university gains $70,000 per year in revenue per scholarship player (please note that this figure is just an estimate – the actual number may actually be higher), the university will profit $50,000 per year, per scholarship player, or $200,000 over a four year period.

It is very difficult to put a numeric value on exactly how much an athlete is worth to a college. A star quarterback will not only help sell tickets, but will bring in plenty of merchandise sales as well. The NCCA won’t allow the universities to sell a college football jersey with a player’s name on it, but they will sell the jersey with the player’s number on it, which is easily recognizable in local, and sometimes national markets. The major colleges earn enormous sums of money on this kind of merchandise alone, yet the student athlete who’s number is being used to sell merchandise will not see one dime of the profits. To say that the student athlete isn’t being exploited in this situation is an understatement.

It goes way beyond that. College athletic programs rake in millions from television and advertising contracts. They also bring in millions of dollars of donations from sports boosters. Yes, salaries need to be paid to athletic directors and coaches, not to mention travel and other costs for the student athletes, and it is great that major college football and basketball programs help fund non-revenue athletic programs. However, the fact of the matter is that, compared to the amount of revenue that student athletes generate for their colleges, what they receive in return is very small.

Here’s where it gets really interesting. An athlete can be “disciplined” for selling their tickets to a fan on game day, yet how much money do the directors of the NCAA earn as a result of the efforts of the student athletes? The reality is that the college athletes quite literally pay for a large portion of the salaries of every person employed by the NCAA. If an executive from the NCAA is able to drive a Mercedes, he can thank a star quarterback or running back for that, and perhaps even several walk ons.

So here is the point: if the NCAA, coaches, and athletic directors can earn huge sums of money from the student athletes, shouldn’t student athletes have a piece of the pie too? This isn’t to say that college athletes should get paid large amounts of money, but it would definitely be nice if their scholarships would pay them a little extra to go out for pizza every once and a while, or buy some nice clothes – just a little extra spending cash as a way of saying “thanks” for their efforts.

If for some reason college athletes could be paid, that opens up a whole new can of worms. All of the athletes on a football team with 125 players work very hard in practice, but only 11can start on offense and defense – do you only pay the starters?. Additionally, if you were to pay more to the star quarterback than you do for an “ok” receiver, you are going to run into a lot of other problems. Having said this, the first thing you want to avoid with paying college athletes is student athletes squabbling how much money they earn or should earn, which happens frequently in the NFL.

The second thing you want to avoid is an uneven playing field. While some colleges at the division I level could afford to pay athletes, many simply don’t bring in enough revenue. If a student athlete knows he can earn more at USC than he will if he plays for his state university, then the playing field becomes more uneven than it already is. Athletes would almost always choose the “money schools” over other colleges. Technically, this happens today more than people realize, because colleges with the most tradition, best coaches, and the best records are usually the colleges with the most money…but, if one college could afford to pay more to athletes than other colleges, the playing field would be even more uneven.

If you are going to start paying athletes, all of the athletes need to be paid the same amount of money, and all of the colleges would need to have the same amount of money to pay their athletes with, which could be pre-determined by the NCAA. Even if this amount was a small amount like $1,000 PER YEAR, per player (which totals ($125,000 per year for a college football team with 125 players), paid every month during the school year, it would be a lot more fair to the student athletes…and most colleges at the Division I level could certainly afford it. For the few colleges that couldn’t afford it, the NCAA could always put up the extra money out of the millions it generates from the bowl game. Another alternative would be to cut the salaries of every executive of the NCAA who has gotten rich off of NCAA athletics by 25%- and give the difference to the athletes…

Most of this article focused on college football programs. The revenues that are generated from basketball programs are even more staggering, considering that the teams, are smaller, the travel expenses are less expensive, and that fewer scholarships need to be handed out, making the profits that the NCAA earns from college basketball programs even more staggering.

Source by Keith Riffle