Hop in Your Bathing Suit Or Not – Discovering Clothing Optional Beaches in Europe

Europeans often do not share the American sense of modesty and nudist beaches are numerous, widely popular, and socially acceptable. Many Americans are unaccustomed to a beach experience san textiles but often find the experience thrilling while vacationing in the more liberal sandy stretches of Europe. Some beaches are more crowded than others but they all have a clothing optional policy. Sun bathing, swimming, even watersports and jogging are enjoyed at most of the nudist beaches in Europe. So if you decide you want to ‘do as the Romans do’ and skip the bathing, then pack your sunscreen and consider a vacation with no tan lines at some of the nudist locations in Europe.


Once again Croatia astounds us a place that appeals to nearly every type of traveler and they don’t disappoint in regards to their birthday suit, beach going people. Located on the Mediterranean, Croatia has some of the best beaches in the world. There are numerous off short islands as well boasting very tourists, most of whom take boats out to them simply to enjoy the naturist beach-going experience. It is a good place to go if you still shy from donning yourself o-natural because the beaches are less crowded. They have camping and sports too on Hvar Island. Try Paklina beach on Brac Island or the resorts on Valalta and Vrsar beaches, just to name a few.


When most people picture nudist beaches of Europe, they most likely picture a beach somewhere in France and for good reason. France has some of the most popular nudist beaches in the world and many resorts that cater to them. You can find superb beaches on both of France’s coasts. In southern France, the Mediterranean, sun-drenched beaches are especially idyllic in all aspects. The Languedoc-Roussillon region is one of the best in southern France. Some villages are entirely dedicated to the nudist way of life with clothing optional policies all over the town, not just the beaches such as Cap d’Agde. The most famous beaches in France though are in St. Tropez however, made famous in the 1960’s by Bridgette Bardot. The Atlantic side beaches such as those in Brittany and the Bordeaux regions are equally beautiful, especially the Euronat beach.


By far the most famous nude beach in Greece has been Mykonos Beach. This is especially popular with the younger crowd because it is here that the party never ends. From sun up to sun down the party goes and tops come off. During the peak summer season, on beaches like Paradise Beach the original nude beach, the crowds can feel crushing so if you prefer a little more elbow room in between you and bare neighbor you could venture out to some of the lesser known though still popular and beautiful nude beaches nearby. Though keep in mind the more private a beach is, the less development there probably is there including restrooms or refreshments but you’ll get the added benefit of having a better view of the ocean instead of you neighbor’s backside. There are two beaches known as Red Beach, one in Greece and one off the coast in Crete. These are well known beaches that offer a break from the crowds and the red sand that gives them their names is warm and inviting. Elia Beach is another good one and is a favorite for the gay and lesbian community. Another fantastic beach is Paraga Beach. It is a hippie haven but also has less daunting crowds. You also have the added benefit of having plenty of restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels to cater to you.


The Swedish people have long since has a love affair with baring all at some of their fantastic nude beaches. It is very popular and widely accepted here. It is certainly worth noting that even in the summer the waters on the coast can be quite chilly but they can also be invigorating. The summer sun warms the beach sand to a pleasant temperature so all in all it is a great experience. The Agesta Beach is probably the best known beach. It is located just outside Stockholm so for most travelers it will be easy for you to get to. If you are looking for privacy and small crowds Säbyträsk, which is 30 minutes north of Stockholm, is a good option for you though keep in mind there are only basic facilities here. Truvebadet is another great beach that has much more facilities. It has a clothing optional policy and lots of facilities to enjoy too. Because of this you can expect more crowds but nothing like the crushing numbers at some of the renowned beaches in other parts of Europe.

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Booking A Holiday – Tour Or Vacation In Chile

In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, I am often asked about the destinations I have been to. I try to give a good opinion on those places and offer some helpful advice. Here then, are my top suggestions for sites to take in during your holiday in Chile.

Parts of Chile are mostly desert and highlands and it in places such as these that you will find San Pedro de Atacama, the El Tatío Geyser, and archaeological remains of Andean Cultures. The country also offers fertile valleys and if it is the night sky that interests you, in the small north region of Chile is great place for astronomical observations. There are several beach resorts and in the centre region of the country you will find the renowned Viña del Mar beach resort. Also in the centre region the Valparaíso, Libertador Gral. Bernardo O’Higgins, Maule, and Metropolitan regions are located.

The South region of Chile a is much greener part of the country where you will find the famous Lake District and the most common attractions are the hot springs and the chance to use the ski resort.

The Aysen regions can be found in the North Patagonia which also embraces part of Los Lagos.

South Patagonia on the other hand includes the Magallanes regions and the Chilean Antarctic Territory. Here you will find the unspoiled wilderness and Torres del Paine National Park, Tierra del Fuego, the Magallanes Strait, and Cape Horn.

Within the city of Valparaiso there are a large number of historical monuments one of the oldest is the ‘La Matriz del Salvador’ church with its slightly slanted tower.

The Palacio de la Monedan is inspired by Neopolitan palaces. It has an imposing neoclassical facade which was originally designed to be a colonial mint. What has given the palace its place in history is the fact that Salvador Allende was killed inside when the palace was bombed in 1973. Guided tours of the Palace are free but you have to request a form at least 15 days in advance to the Administrative Office of the Presidency of the Republic to make a reservation.

The Chilean Patagonia National Park was declared to be a worldwide reserve by UNESCO in 1979 and it is a place of natural beauty. Here you will find the San Rafael Glacier which has existed where it stands for the last 300,000 years. What makes this glacier so magnificent is the stunning blue colours of the ice and the fact that it has regular avalanches making it world renowned.

Torres del Paine National Park, which is located in the Chilean Patagonia was declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO in 1978. The National Park is world famous for being one of the most stunningly beautiful, unspoiled locations on the planet. The park is home to the most awesome mountain range, magnificent lakes and wonderful greenery and I am sure you will agree a perfect destination for the adventurer.

Cape Horn is located at the southernmost tip of South America and is often referred as the far end of the earth. The region is rugged as it is located at the end of the Andes Mountains chain. This stunning Antarctic strait connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans where you can, depending on weather conditions, experience natural sea walls and cliffs that protrude out almost 1,400 feet from the sea. Being in the right place at the right time will afford you the good fortune of witnessing giant slabs of ice breaking off and crashing into the sea below.

Cape Horn is home to an abundance of sea birds, penguins and seals. As above, being in the right place etc. you could find yourself sharing the waters with a killer whale or two!

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America in the Caribbean

The U.S.V.I. includes four uniquely different islands; St. Croix (the largest), St. Thomas (the busiest), St. John (small, quiet and scenic).

The mix of American and Caribbean influence makes the United States Virgin IslandsAmerica in the Caribbean“.

The local population consists of citizens from other Caribbean islands, Americans, Europeans and Hispanics. While English is the main language, you will also hear the dialects of Spanish, French-Patois and Creole.

The musical beat of the islands are a mix of calypso, reggae, steel drums, R&B and hip hop. The local bands sing songs on political and social issues, accompanied to the beat of washboard and gourd instruments.

St. Thomas is the major cruise port of the Caribbean, and the ultimate duty free shopping destination. This is the most popular tourist destination in the Virgin Islands, and offers lots of dining choices, a variety of accommodations including hotels, resorts and fine villas.

St. Thomas is legendary for its hundreds of duty free shops that line the streets of Charlotte Amalie, the capital city. In between the three main strips are side streets and alleys filled with dozens and dozens of shops where you can literally “shop til you drop“. U.S. citizens are allowed $1200 in duty free shopping, and you can send gifts home to yourself, family or friends with no duty or tax.

St. Thomas is an extremely hilly island with little flat land. From a distance the hillsides are covered with bright, colorful flowers. Venturing into the hillside you find yourself surrounded by a subtropical forest of palms, mangrove swamps, and mango, papaya, breadfruit and coconut trees.

Two of the best hilltop views on the island are found at Drake’s Seat, which offers a panoramic view of the nearby islands, and another favorite viewing spot is St. Peter Mountain. Since there is little flat land on the island, just about every turn offers another fantastic view. And, the Skyride to Paradise Point, a modern aerial cable car, is your ride to the best sightseeing in the Virgin Islands. The trip is 7 minutes one-way and takes you 700 feet above sea level.

After sightseeing, stop for lunch in Frenchtown. This unique town is located about a half-mile from Charlotte Amalie. This area is popular with locals and tourists alike, and is home to many great restaurants and bars. Frenchtown is home to the descendants of immigrants from the French island of St. Barthelemy.

Aside from beautiful beaches, awesome views from the hills, first class shopping, and fine dining, the climate in St. Thomas is always a constant. The temperature never drops below 70 degrees, and never gets warmer than 95 degrees. Here you’ll find perpetual sunshine, cooling trade winds and rain showers that last only a few minutes.

Charlotte Amalie boasts a beautiful natural harbor, and there are many protected bays, which make this a perfect destination for beach lovers. St. Thomas offers some of the finest beaches which include Morningstar Beach, Coki Beach, Bluebeard’s Beach, Hull Bay, Limetree Beach, Magens Bay, Sapphire Beach and Vessup Bay. Two of my favorite beaches are Magens Bay and Sapphire Beach. Magens Bay is protected by reefs, and offers great swimming, while Sapphire Beach offers wonderful views of St. John and the surrounding islands.

Moving on to the largest island, St Croix, you will find the pace a bit slower than St. Thomas. Two major towns, Christiansted and Frederiksted offer their own distinctive style with Danish history and architecture. Both towns offer quaint, little shops where you can find deals on perfumes, china, crystal and jewelry. Shopping on St Croix is not as extensive as in the St Thomas shopping district, but it is less crowded and you can find many unique items to purchase.

St. Croix also has a fine array of hotels, resorts, villas, fine dining and expansive beaches. Sandy Point, the largest beach in the U.S. Virgin Islands is a protected reserve. The waters are shallow and calm, and this is a nesting spot for sea turtles. There are many other fine beaches with protected coves, which make this island a hit with families and honeymooners.

Another favorite spot for visitors to St. Croix is a trip to the National Park at Buck Island. This island is home to Turtle Beach, voted one of the best beaches in the world by National Geographic. Buck Island is a world class diving site, with a unique underway trail. Full and half day trips are available.

St John, the smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands offers limited accommodations, restaurants and nightlife. What St. John does offer is peace and quiet in the perfect Caribbean tropical paradise.

Life is very laid back, and the locals are extremely friendly, always willing to engage in conversation and provide directions and information. If you’re looking for an active nightlife, this may not be the ideal destination. There are about four small bars on the island, and after dinner the favorite island activity is heading to bed.

Two thirds of St. John is…

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Spain Travel

Traveling to Spain, the tourist hub of Europe is a satisfying experience. Spain is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe. As the trip is planned, one is so overwhelmed with many fascinating sights, beautiful landscapes, and charming towns to fit into limited time and budget. A foremost cultural centre of Europe, it has beautiful cities and towns with old attractive monuments as well as ultra modern architectural wonders! Apart from the well known Flamenco music, dance, matadors and bull fights, this lovely land is also known for some pretty beaches, resorts and best vine yards. Idyllic rural settings coupled with bustling urban bonhomie make this destination a loved one among the traveler. Superb Spanish melodies listened at one of the clubs may forever haunt you. As Spaniards boasts themselves-“Spain is Different”, is aptly correct as a traveler steps on to the soils of the country.

Travel Spain offers too many options for a would-be traveler; a lengthy sojourn or a short tour over a week end. Or a budget travel with limited visits to only known places. Carry a big wallet and explore the nook and corners of the country with all the time at your disposal. Spain has offerings for travelers of all hues and kinds.

Once the mind is made up to travel this glorious country, a bit of preparation is definitely needed. A well drawn calendar and a defined itinerary are most welcome. Learn some basic words of Spanish and have knowledge of local custom and get ready to board countless numbers of flights operating from all corners of the world. Once in Spain, travel is relaxed, accommodation plentiful, the climate benign and soothing, the people relaxed and easy going, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy get and full of regional variety. You can be one of the most satisfied tourists among the similar 50 million visiting each year. Spain is a favorite playground of British, Dutch, and German tourists who badly wants to escape their own extreme winter climates for some Spanish summer sun. Exotic beaches of Barcelona, Marbella, Malaga and Canary Islands are always alive with cool beer, hot Sangria, bathing parks and bewitching beauties! Spanish travel is one beehive of pleasant surprises!

As one travels interior up north, there are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore interspersed with great vine orchards along the way. Just hopping in to one of the wineries will open the taste buds of any Wine connoisseur. A cool evening with loved ones in a fine restaurant can offer bewildering array of food and choicest of famed wines. A drive to Seville can open up plenty of entertainment possibilities with varied experiences. Beaches on the northern coast are entirely different from their southern counterparts; most of them being isolated and idyllic offering plenty of privacy.

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Major Attractions in Phuket

Phuket is known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,’ and is the biggest of all Thailand’s islands. This much sought out beach destination attracts millions of visitors to its shores. The idyllic palm-fringed beaches, exciting water sports and world-class spas are a magnet for the tourists who wish to get away from it all. Here are just some of the activities that you can enjoy in Phuket.

Patong Beach: It is on this beach that the main action is concentrated. The beach has a lively social vibe during the day complete with resorts, bars, restaurants and vendors and has a quaint European feel. Patong is also the main venue for the famed nightlife.

Phangan Bay: The first sight to greet you of Phangan Bay is of awe-inspiring limestone karsts rising vertically out of the waters. Day tours are available that allow you to go in and out of the caves that are home to a vast variety of marine life. Apart from the caves, the island is also known for its full moon parties. However, for the rest of the time the island remains quiet and is perfect for those who wish to find solace in nature.

Phuket FantaSea (Kamala Beach): The theme park is an interesting mix of myth, legend, creativity and imagination. There is also some history thrown in for good measure. You can spend an interesting day watching airborne antics by acrobats, flying elephants and mock battles. There is also a bazaar within the premises that serves one of the largest buffets in Asia.

Bangla Road Nightlife: The nightlife in Phuket needs no introduction. Some find it depraved while others find it exciting but the fact is that none are able to resist it. The real action begins around nine at night when somebody lights off a firework and then continues till the wee hours of the morning. The night action includes live shows, music and everything else that adds to the chaotic yet exhilarating atmosphere. Those looking for something quieter will not be disappointed either.

Big Buddha: The massive 45 meters high statue of Lord Buddha sits on top of the Nakkerd Hills between Kata beach and Chalong. From the site you can enjoy 360 degrees sweeping views of Phuket.

Old Phuket Town: The old quarter flaunts a distinct Sino-colonial architecture and showcases the life of the Chinese migrants who came here over 100 years ago to work in the tin mining industry. While here, you can stroll through Thalang, Phang Nga and Dibuk roads as well as Soi Romani an enriching experience.

Accommodation in Phuket

Phuket is a very popular tourist destination not only in Thailand but all of South Asia. There are accommodation types to suit all tastes and budgets from luxury Phuket villas to budget guesthouses. Most of the resorts and hotels are located along the beaches and near golf courses.

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Top 5 Gay And Lesbian Exotic Travel Destinations – Summer/Fall 2013

1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This amazing city in Brazil is more than just the place where people can see the world-famous, enormous statue of Jesus. As a matter of fact, Rio is one of the most preferred gay travel destinations in the world. The unique beauty of Rio lies in its fabulous beaches, most of which are very popular with gay tourists. In addition to that, the city is renowned for its gay-only beach: Ipanema. The beach is part of the city’s gay area, which goes by the same name.

For gay travel groups that are looking for fun and continuous partying, with half-naked gay men everywhere, the Leblon district in Rio de Janeiro is the place to be. Year after year, Rio is one of the most sought-after gay travel destinations in the world. However, Rio is not the ideal choice if a romantic and/or relaxing vacation is your top priority.

Orbitz Worldwide – a leading global online travel agency – recommends the 5 star Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana hotel. Rates start at approximately $350 a night, but they vary greatly, depending on the type of room or suite that the guests choose. An important aspect is that the hotel does not offer any single rooms. As a consequence, a so-called single supplement is charged upon booking a room or a suite. Late August is the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro.

2. The Caribbean Islands

These heavenly islands lure their visitors with spectacular sandy beaches and clear, turquoise waters. Year-round, the weather is almost perfect here; except for the early-fall hurricane season. However, this should not influence anyone’s gay travel plans for 2013, especially since August and September are the best months for a trip to the Caribbean. Some of these beautiful islands are more gay-friendly than others. Gay people are not advised to travel to Barbados, Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, as these areas are known for their consistent history of homophobia.

Instead, the Dutch, French and US Caribbean Islands are welcoming of gay tourists. The island of St. Croix is, without any doubt whatsoever, the most gay-friendly island in the Caribbean. Gay travelers can enjoy all the major benefits of a major tourist destination, such as luxurious resorts, exclusive shopping areas and exquisite restaurants. On the other hand, St. Croix also offers the possibility of spending a relaxing and quiet time by the sea.

Gaytravel.com recommends the Sand Castle On The Beach hotel, which is both gay owned and operated. Aside from 21 beautiful and spacious rooms, the hotel offers a beachfront, luxury villa. The rates for this unique villa start at $3071 for 5 days.

3. Luxury Cruise From Athens To Istanbul

From the very heart of Greece to the center of Turkey, on board a luxury yacht. Zoom Vacations offers a unique cruise on the world’s most expensive mega-yacht – the SeaDream. The yacht departs on September 13th 2013 from Athens and stops in some of the most beloved islands and ports of both Greece and Turkey. Some of the destinations include Kepez, Skiathos, Thassos, Kavala and Volos.

The cruise addresses both gay singles and couples, with rates starting from $3999/person. The fare includes all-inclusive luxury services and accommodation, as well as sail-boat and diving adventures. However, there are additional costs for singles, in case they want to travel alone. The agency does offer to pair single gay travelers up. Although international and domestic airfare is not included in the price, Zoom vacations has negotiated a 5% off with American Airlines for this cruise.

4. Phuket, Thailand

This is the largest and most famous island in Thailand. The capital city of the country – Bangkok – is only a one-hour flight away. Phuket is known as one of the most gay-friendly places on the globe and its annual Gay Festival takes place twice a year – in February and November. Gay Times Magazine consistently ranks Phuket as a top gay hideaway.

The island is famous for its gay nightlife, as Patong – the island’s most popular resort town – has the only gathering of gay bars and clubs to the South of Bangkok. Travel Gay Asia recommends the La Flora hotel. This 5 star hotel is only a few minutes away from the gay section of the main beach in Patong. Rates start at approximately $1100 for a week’s stay. Phuket is indeed a tropical paradise, with fantastic beaches and beautiful people.

5. Japan

Japan has an ancient and quite sophisticated gay culture. 11th century diaries of nobles living at the emperor’s court contain references to gay relationships. Tokyo houses more than 200 gay bars and clubs – a fact that makes it hard to believe that Japan nurtures an oppressive regime against gays and lesbians. Shinjuku Ni-Chome is Tokyo’s gay district.

In addition, Japanese gays are known for their decisiveness – once they like someone, they will act accordingly. LastMinute.com.au lists the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel as the top choice for luxury gay travelers. Rates start at approximately $700 a night for a double room.

To sum it all up, these are the top…

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For Your Next Holiday to Thailand – We Recommend Renting Your Own Villa

So, you’re in the process of planning your next big holiday for you and the family? Or perhaps it’s just you and your partner, or a group of friends. Whatever the case, you should definitely look into renting your own private villa, in Thailand, as opposed to paying for a hotel. Why you ask? Let me explain…

The Ultimate Level of Privacy

Getting away is supposed to be about escapism, isn’t it? It’s about letting go and forgetting about your day to day troubles, and embracing absolute relaxation. Well, as wonderful as it sounds it’s hard to feel at all at ease when you can hear a suspiciously repetitive creaking from the room next door in your all-inclusive hotel.

That’s not to say that there is anything wrong with staying in a hotel. It’s fun, affordable and you often get to meet lots of new faces, but if you really want to experience a whole new level of privacy then you’re going to have to aim a little higher.

With a Luxury Pool Villa in Thailand, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a hotel, only having them all to yourself! Nobody else’s screaming kids in the pool other than your own, your own kitchen to cater for yourself (when you don’t fancy ordering room service) – the list goes on!

And why chose Thailand this year for your holiday destination? Well, for one, there are literally thousands of stunning tourist resorts, with yet even more incredible villas for you to choose from.

Whether you’re travelling with friends, family, on your own; Thailand has so much to offer. From the stunning scenery, to the bustling nightlife, the tantalising cuisine and wealth of shopping malls and night-market stalls. Variety – that is the keyword.

Many people tend to stick to the beaten path and venture to destinations well-known. Why not immerse yourself in a beautiful new culture and try some wonderful and exciting new things. That is what Thailand has to offer you. But why should you stay in your own Villa as opposed to a Hotel? It’s simple…

All That Space to Yourself!

Particularly if you’re travelling with your children or a group of close friends; opting for your very own Villa will mean that you’ll have tonnes of space for you and yours. And that’s just it – Villa’s come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you only need room for two or a family of five; you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for.

That being said; the benefits of having your own Villa mean that you’ll have all of the outdoor space to yourself as well. Imagine your own private pool, with a patio area to cook up your own private BBQ and then once you’ve sent the kids to bed; a place for you to kick back and enjoy a bottle of wine (or three) to yourself!

And if there is one thing Thailand has in abundance, it is space – and beautiful space at that. From the rolling luscious green hills, to the expansive beaches with golden sands and warm waters.

A Personal Service

Another one of the great benefits of having your own Luxury Private Pool Villa is that you definitely don’t have to share the chef if you don’t want to! In fact, many Luxury Villas in Thailand come complete with your very own live-in Chef. Then again, it’s entirely up to you how much assistance you require. You may wish to cater for yourself for the large majority of your stay, though should like to hire the help of a seasoned and professional chef for a special dinner then you can do just that!

OK, so you have to pay that little bit extra for such benefits… though why not treat you and yours to a little extravagance for once? Isn’t it always you doing the run around at home? Afford yourself this one kindness and allow yourself to put your feet up for once. No cooking and certainly no dishes!

Not only that, but I’m sure you’re familiar with Thailand’s world-famous hospitality? They don’t call it the land of smiles for nothing! In fact, the Thai people will go above and beyond to ensure that you have the most comfortable and memorable stay possible.

If you want to experience a truly authentic level of hospitality, from a culture that was built on tourism and hospitality; then Thailand is almost certainly the place for you.

Stunning Scenery

I think it’s safe to say that there are very few villas in the World that aren’t either nearby or overlooking some truly breath-taking scenery. Which is why Thailand is so popular amongst tourists, as they tend to be nesting quietly in the hills overlooking some tropical beach, as opposed to being plonked in the middle of some tourist-strip in the center of a bustling city.

Regions like Thailand in particular, are home to some of the most desirable Pool Villa Resorts that boast the ultimate level of privacy, relaxation and oneness with nature. Places where you can wonder through the luscious green, undisturbed by the outside World.

Just have a think before you go ahead and book your next holiday. Sure, in the current global climate everybody is trying to save money where they can, and rightly so. So instead of jetting off to some run-of-the-mill location;…

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Winter Honeymoon Destinations and Resorts: Romantic Honeymoon

After the couples plan their wedding, they look forward to their honeymoon. If they are planning to get married in winter, chances are that will search for excellent winter destinations and resorts. There can be two types of destinations: first where couples can enjoy the snow, and second where they can escape the harsh winter.

Alaska: This place is a perfect honeymoon destination during winters. Tourists visit Alaska all the year round and during the winter months the crowds are absent. The small cottages and inns offer seclusion. You can go for a sledge ride or view the spectacular ‘northern lights’ in Fairbanks. The hot springs in the interior of Alaska can be enjoyed only during this season. You can enjoy the beauty of nature in the wildlife of Alaska. The spectacular ice carving can be seen during this time of the year. There are several activities like cruising, fishing, sightseeing, sledge-riding, skiing that can be enjoyed in Alaska.

Venice: There cannot be a more romantic place for a honeymoon than Venice. There are few tourists during the winters. So couples can enjoy a lot of privacy as they cruise down the canals of this city. The breath taking view of the lagoons and the view from the top of St. Mark’s Campanile is worth watching. You can explore the city together and make the most of your honeymoon and that too at a much lower price!

Thailand: Thailand is perfect getaway for those who want to languish on the sea shore and escape the harsh winter. The picturesque Pattaya beach and the other beaches are really breathtaking. You will definitely get carried away by the charm and hospitality of the place. You can enjoy many activities like snorkeling, scuba diving in the Blue Hole or watching the sunrise and sunset together by the seaside, or even go to the Samui Island. Other popular places to visit are Bangkok and Phuket. You can try the exotic Thai cuisine or go shopping in the local market. If you just want to stay away from the crowds, you can choose to go to the beautiful Coral Islands.

No matter where you go, plan your trip in advance and make sure to book the hotel or resort where you want to stay. Going for a honeymoon in winter has its own benefits. So go ahead and enjoy yourself.

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Asia’s Top 10 Destination Spas

Destinations spas are those hotels and resorts which promote the sole purpose of helping people to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They promote

  • a healthy, nutritious diet
  • simultaneous fitness classes and programs for stress reduction
  • massages and other therapeutic spa treatments
  • sessions to ensure healthy lifestyles

Destinations spas are usually situated in rather remote areas and serve very few guests at a time. This helps maintain a calm, tranquil atmosphere that encourages relaxation and stress relief. They usually offer meals, activities, spa treatments and classes, as part of their overall package. Unlike resorts, all activities and meals at destination spas are complementary to the overall health and relaxation purpose of the spa. These spas stipulate a minimum duration of stay to ensure the customer properly benefits from their stay.

Depending on their focuses, spas can be of different prices and destinations. The Asian Subcontinent houses one of the most exotic collections of destination spas.

In no particular order, the ten of Asia’s top destinations spas are;


Location: Hua Hin, Thailand

One of the first spas of its kind in Asia, Chiva-Som merges western and eastern influences to create an opulent spa with superb hospitality, service and treatments.

Banyan Tree Bintan

Location: Thailand

Originally starting their ventures in Thailand, this resort group has branched out to form one of the largest chains of resorts and destination spas in the Asian continent.

Ananda in the Himalayas

Location: India

Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, this spa features many well-known Indian health regimes such as Ayurveda, Vedanta and Yoga.

COMO Shambhala Estate

Location: Bali, Indonesia

This spa offers everything from lifestyle training to luxurious spa treatments, creating an opulent atmosphere for its guests.

Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi

Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Inspired by the aesthetic and historical traditions of Chiang Mai, this spa has accommodations facilities and restaurants housed in buildings reminiscent of the colonial mansions and the wooden rice barns of times past.

Grand Hyatt

Location: Hong Kong, China

Placed amongst the finest luxury hotels in the world and with a magnificent view of Hong Kong’s famous Victoria Harbour and the Wanchai district, Grand Hyatt hosts the excellent residential spa, Plateau Spa.

W Seoul – Walkerhill

Location: Seoul, Korea

Aside from its superb view of the river and mountain range, this spa offers many spa treatments as well as other down to earth entertainments.

Six Senses Destination Spa Phuket

Location: Phuket, Thailand

This all-inclusive spa, located on its own private island Naka Yai, offers visitors splendid views and beach luxuries alongside lavish spa treatments.

Pudong Shangri-La

Location: Shanghai, China

This award-winning spa offers excellent dining as well as excellent service and a great range of amenities that will ensure guests a wonderful visit.

Mandarin Oriental

This award-winning luxury hotel group is famous for its excellent service and hospitality. Located in prime destinations in over 25 countries, the group is dedicated to ensuring the best for their visitors.

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Yoga on Koh Samui

There is a reason why travellers love the island of Samui. For beach lovers, it’s a hidden paradise here at the tropics. Those who happen to enjoy the sunny weather can’t help but keep on coming back. Those who love seafood and the flavours of island Thai dishes are simply enamoured.

There are so many Koh Samui activities that await visitors here in the island. One of these is spiritual retreat. Yoga is an ancient art of meditation and is known to a lot of good things for the mind, body, and spirit. The many benefits of yoga make it one of the most popular means to cleanse the spirit and achieve a healthier looking body. No wonder it is considered to be one of the most famous Samui activities among locals and tourists.

For those who are looking for worthwhile Koh Samui activities, yoga is a must try. Samui is a yoga centre, as seen in its growing number of institutions that offer yoga classes. One of the most famous yoga schools in Koh Samui is Absolute Yoga. Here, amateurs and professionals will definitely have a great time doing yoga sessions with professional instructors. Whether it’s a day or weeklong event a visitor is after, the Absolute Yoga will take one on a wellness journey like no other.

Unlike most Koh Samui activities like fishing and beach sports, yoga is not exhausting. In fact, it has the opposite effect. Yoga techniques are known to strengthen the body, detoxify the spirit, and cleanse the mind of worries. The staffs are accommodating and cater to the needs of students. The instructors are highly equipped with advanced knowledge on meditation and well being, giving visitors a more effective means of meditation. The facilities are impressive and the place is serene and promotes ultimate relaxation. Aside from yoga, Pilates classes are also available here.

Because yoga is among the most in-demand Koh Samui activities, top resorts are also offering their own yoga classes. This makes meditation pretty much within the reach of visitors who visit the islands. This is ideal for those who want to be able to have highly accessible yoga sessions and would want to be able to relax more.

Samui island resorts bring yoga to all their visitors, providing them with professional yoga sessions while at the resort. In addition, guests can visit a wellness spa afterwards, where they can enjoy exotic and natural spa treatments that will make them feel good inside and out.

Source by Dickson Etuhu