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Where is Crains Airport?

The seventh busiest airport in Australia, Crains Airport is nestled between Mount Whitfield to the west and Trinity Bay to the east. So when you land here the least you want to do is waste your time looking for a rental vehicle. We know it could be quite a headache for you searching for a rental car immediately after you land in the airport, your trip could be so much more pleasant if you can rely on somebody to provide you with all the options for hiring a car.

Cairns Airport

Cairns Airport Queensland is located 8 km north of Crains City Centre which can be reached via the Captain Cook highway, Australia

Car Rental Companies

We intent to make your trip to this part of Australia a fun filling, laid back experience that you will enjoy without the extra burden of having to scout for the important but equally gruelling exercise of finding the car for a hire. Equally tiresome will be the exercise of not only finding a car for hire but also that comes with your kind of a budget.

Here we intent to provide you with both the options of hiring a car and the type of budget with which you can effort. Our endeavour will be to make your stay in this part of Australia a hassle free, enjoyable and fulfilling by providing information that will lift your spirit:

Crains: Airport Rent A Car

Established in 1992, Cairns – a car rental company – has gain reputation as an efficient yet customers’ friendly company in Australia. Its’ endeveaour has always been to serve its customers and provide them with the best car hiring service at an economical rate. Over the years it has build a large clients base and its service is still growing…

Cheapest and Reliable

Crains offers the cheapest car renting service that puts a premium in quality and reliability with vehicles to suit all needs at an econmical rates.

Cairns Airport Car Rental Deals


Avis Australia Economy Aud$35.41 Daily

Avis Australia Compact AUD $35.41 Daily

Avis Australia Medium Aud$ 39.25Daily

Avis Australia Full Size Aud$44.37Daily

Thrifty Australia Sedan Aud$52.46Daily

Honk Australia SUV Aud$55.95Daily

Honk Australia 4WD Aud$55.95Daily.

Red Sport Car

Rentals AU Saloon AUD$56.00 Daily

Avis Australia Station Wagon/Estate AUD$58.44Daily

Avis Australia Premium/Luxury AUD$71.23Daily

Avis Australia People Carrier/Mini Van AUD$77.63Daily

Honk Australia Luxury &Sports Cars AUD$94.14Daily

Cruisin Car Rental

Crains Convertible AUD$126.56Daily

Honk Australia Vans AUD$136.06Daily

Honk Australia Van/MPV AUD136.06Daily

Some of the major Airlines that touches Cairns Airport are:

Airfast Indonesia

Air New Zealand

Air Niugin

Airlines PNG

Alliance Airlines

Alliance Airlines

Asia Pacific Airlines

Pick Your Rental Car At:

You can pick up your rental car at Cairns Airport – Queensland by visiting the car rental desks located at the arrivals hall. Pick the key and zoom out.

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