Exploring the Beauty of Philippines – Asia’s Pearl of the Orient

Located strategically in the south east of Asia is a beautiful destination that more and more tourists are able to discover as time goes by. The place is what many call the pearl of the orient. I’m referring about the beautiful country called Philippines. This country is so popular to many travelers who are after a quiet yet satisfying vacation.

If you want the combination of relaxing calm moment with nature while having the option to get involved in fun-filled adventurous activities anytime you want, then this is exactly the best destination for you.

The country’s capital is non-other than the wonderful place called Manila. This place is well known by international travelers from all over the world. The main airport of the country which is called (NAIA) Ninoy Aquino International Airport is also located within its capital, Manila. If you are looking for simplicity in the midst of a modern urban environment then this is the place to be.

Not only will you find world class hotels all over the city, you can also choose your preferred lifestyle in a single day. If you happen to feel like wanting a corporate lifestyle then all you need to do is visit the super busy but equally super elegant cities such as Makati or Ortigas.

Should you choose to spend your day just as a shopper and observer then you can visit humongous malls such as the Mall of Asia and SM Megamall. Otherwise, you can shop from open markets where you will find the lowest of prices suited for both retail and wholesale buying through the busy market places of Divisoria and Greenhills in San Juan.

Philippines is a country that is made up of several islands. However, the whole country is divided into 3 major islands named Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Luzon is known to be the main island as it’s where the country’s capital city Manila is located at.

One of the most famous resorts all over the world, the Boracay resort is located in Visayas. While two other favorite destinations of international tourists, Puerto Galera and Palawan Island are both located in Luzon. And have you ever heard of the monkey eating eagle? These eagles can be found in Davao which is located in the island of Mindanao.

The country’s summer capital is called Baguio. This place is called summer capital because of its very unique climate compared to other places within the country. While the weather in Philippines can get really hot during summer, people in Baguio are used to be wearing thick clothes all throughout the year because of the cold weather out there. During Christmas and New Year season, it can get really cold at this place.

Further south from manila is another very wonderful place to hang around at. This place is called Tagaytay. The city of Tagaytay is well known for its very attractive sceneries including its wonderful weather. While it may not get to be as cold as it gets like Baguio, it never gets really hot in Tagaytay due to its high location. Have you ever experienced the feeling around the sceneries of a lake within an active but sleeping volcano? You can if you go to Tagaytay, as the eye catching spot of Taal lake can be found there.

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