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Koh Samui is a world famous tropical destination where you can experience spa treatments like nowhere else. Located next to the ocean it gives a truly stimulating experience for your spa, and a visit to the island isn’t complete without a taste of the ancient Thai spa treatments.

Thailand’s reputation for exceptional health and beauty treatments is well-known and all kinds of relaxing and vigorous options are available. Traditional massage, herbal treatments for the skin, hair or face are just a few to mention and along with the healing effects they are also unbelievably relaxing – perfect whilst on holiday on Koh Samui.

Choose a simple Thai or oil massage on the beach or in one of the numerous small massage salons around the island, or really treat yourself and pay a visit to one of the lavish and smart resort spas. The d├ęcor of resort spas are elegant with Thai style salas, at some places they even have Jacuzzis and pools situated in the rooms. You’ll find spas located in leading resorts and hotels and whilst some will have their own signature massages all of them offer a large array of health and beauty treatments from herbal face and skin treatments to massage therapies.

The most popular massage is the traditional Thai massage which dates back 2500 years when the personal physician of the Buddha, Shivako Komarpaj, designed a special technique in order to help the monks maintain a healthy lifestyle when undertaking long periods of meditation.

The theory behind Thai massage is that it realigns the energy pathways in the body by using elbows and knees for a vigorous workout. A rigorous system of stretching, kneading and pummeling leaves you both relaxed and energized at the same time and a 2 hours session is recommended if you want to get the full benefit.

A modern take on the traditional Thai massage is to introduce aromatic oils based on the Swedish model which gives a very effective deep tissue massage. This makes for a gentler massage technique than the traditional Thai style and is a very relaxing experience. Different types of aromatherapy oils mean that they can be chosen to suit the client, such as Jasmine which helps those with insomnia.

If you’ve never had a foot massage then don’t miss out on this soothing therapy when you’re in Samui. The soles of the feet are massaged using the principles of reflexology which believes that pressure points on the feet are connected to different organs of the body, working on these particular points improves the health of the organ. Known for its detoxifying effect you can get a foot massage practically everywhere at very reasonable rates.

‘Jet-lag’ massage is a treatment that has been customized specifically to soothe after a long flight, if you have a stiff shoulder or achy legs then you can even indicate a specific part of the body you’d like more attention paid to whether it’s your head, neck or shoulders.

Thailand has a long tradition of using herbal medicines particularly in face and skin treatments, these can be in a variety of forms from massages incorporating herbal compresses, wraps and scrubs, to herbal steam saunas. Ginger, Galangal and lemongrass amongst a multitude of other herbs contain their own unique ingredients that help promote healthy body and skin.

Koh Samui is the place to visit if you’re focusing on a healthy environment as there are many centres that offer residential fasting and health improvement. If you want to detox then check out fasting retreats with colonic irrigation, or head to a yoga retreat or similar eastern course of therapy. Lots of the local businesses cater to this kind of visitor and you’ll find no end of restaurants with an organic set of choices.

The island of Koh Samui is listed as one of Thailand’s fastest growing health and wellness destinations, whether you desire a basic massage next to the ocean or a couple of days being totally pampered at a first rate spa, this is the destination where your wishes will be met.

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