Hop in Your Bathing Suit Or Not – Discovering Clothing Optional Beaches in Europe

Europeans often do not share the American sense of modesty and nudist beaches are numerous, widely popular, and socially acceptable. Many Americans are unaccustomed to a beach experience san textiles but often find the experience thrilling while vacationing in the more liberal sandy stretches of Europe. Some beaches are more crowded than others but they all have a clothing optional policy. Sun bathing, swimming, even watersports and jogging are enjoyed at most of the nudist beaches in Europe. So if you decide you want to ‘do as the Romans do’ and skip the bathing, then pack your sunscreen and consider a vacation with no tan lines at some of the nudist locations in Europe.


Once again Croatia astounds us a place that appeals to nearly every type of traveler and they don’t disappoint in regards to their birthday suit, beach going people. Located on the Mediterranean, Croatia has some of the best beaches in the world. There are numerous off short islands as well boasting very tourists, most of whom take boats out to them simply to enjoy the naturist beach-going experience. It is a good place to go if you still shy from donning yourself o-natural because the beaches are less crowded. They have camping and sports too on Hvar Island. Try Paklina beach on Brac Island or the resorts on Valalta and Vrsar beaches, just to name a few.


When most people picture nudist beaches of Europe, they most likely picture a beach somewhere in France and for good reason. France has some of the most popular nudist beaches in the world and many resorts that cater to them. You can find superb beaches on both of France’s coasts. In southern France, the Mediterranean, sun-drenched beaches are especially idyllic in all aspects. The Languedoc-Roussillon region is one of the best in southern France. Some villages are entirely dedicated to the nudist way of life with clothing optional policies all over the town, not just the beaches such as Cap d’Agde. The most famous beaches in France though are in St. Tropez however, made famous in the 1960’s by Bridgette Bardot. The Atlantic side beaches such as those in Brittany and the Bordeaux regions are equally beautiful, especially the Euronat beach.


By far the most famous nude beach in Greece has been Mykonos Beach. This is especially popular with the younger crowd because it is here that the party never ends. From sun up to sun down the party goes and tops come off. During the peak summer season, on beaches like Paradise Beach the original nude beach, the crowds can feel crushing so if you prefer a little more elbow room in between you and bare neighbor you could venture out to some of the lesser known though still popular and beautiful nude beaches nearby. Though keep in mind the more private a beach is, the less development there probably is there including restrooms or refreshments but you’ll get the added benefit of having a better view of the ocean instead of you neighbor’s backside. There are two beaches known as Red Beach, one in Greece and one off the coast in Crete. These are well known beaches that offer a break from the crowds and the red sand that gives them their names is warm and inviting. Elia Beach is another good one and is a favorite for the gay and lesbian community. Another fantastic beach is Paraga Beach. It is a hippie haven but also has less daunting crowds. You also have the added benefit of having plenty of restaurants, shops, hotels and hostels to cater to you.


The Swedish people have long since has a love affair with baring all at some of their fantastic nude beaches. It is very popular and widely accepted here. It is certainly worth noting that even in the summer the waters on the coast can be quite chilly but they can also be invigorating. The summer sun warms the beach sand to a pleasant temperature so all in all it is a great experience. The Agesta Beach is probably the best known beach. It is located just outside Stockholm so for most travelers it will be easy for you to get to. If you are looking for privacy and small crowds Säbyträsk, which is 30 minutes north of Stockholm, is a good option for you though keep in mind there are only basic facilities here. Truvebadet is another great beach that has much more facilities. It has a clothing optional policy and lots of facilities to enjoy too. Because of this you can expect more crowds but nothing like the crushing numbers at some of the renowned beaches in other parts of Europe.

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