How to Book and Cancel Flight Tickets Online?

Air-travelling has become easier than ever before. With most of airline companies and travel agents offering flight deals online, you can easily reserve the suited one from your home or office. The process is not complicated either. Nevertheless, if you’re a first-time user and want to know how to book and cancel a flight ticket online, here’s the process and some important considerations for online booking.

How to book flights online?

• You can reserve your ticket either on the website of airline or through a travel agent. Offering a variety of deals at one place, the later one seems better option. Hopefully, you’ve set your requirements and budget well ahead of start searching.

• While being on a travel portal, you see the flight section in any of the corners. You need to enter the required information like your desired departure date, the airport where from you want to fly and your final destination. If you want to book return ticket too, fill the date in that particular box. Once you click ‘Search Flights’ or ‘Continue’ button (portals may vary slightly in term of process), you enter a page with various options available to match your requirements. You see the flights available with their time schedule, price and other information. Check the flights available and select the one which suits you the most.

• Now you need to put some personal information like your name, phone number and email ID. Make sure you give the accurate info, because tickets you reserve would be issued on that particular detail. The site may ask you some additional details too including codes for discounts (if you have any coupon), flight insurance or some other specific needs.

• Once you fill all required information, the payment comes next. You must have a valid debit or credit card to make payment. Following the instructions given by the website, you can complete the booking process.

• Check your email for booking confirmation. Get print it out so that you can easily avail your original ticket from airport counter.

How to cancel the flight online?

For any reason, if you need to call off your journey, cancellation of ticket is the only option to get your fund back. Restrictions & rules for flight cancellation vary from airline to airline. However, if you booked the ticket through a travel agent, chances are good to have it cancelled. Here are a few things you can do to cancel your flight.

• Check the booking confirmation mail to see if the refund is possible. Also, confirm the time period in which you can do cancellation after purchasing the ticket. For further info, contact the agent you dealt with.

• Be ready with the information like your credit card detail, banking info and flight detail. Send a mail to your travel agent as a refund request or call him by phone for cancellation of ticket. He will either guide you in cancelling process or will do it by himself. Prepare to pay cancellation fee.

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