How You Can Enjoy Your Trip To Thailand With Children

Although Thailand is not known for its children centred attractions, there are plenty of activities to appeal to families with young children whether on the beach or away from the coast. Thai’s are also very welcoming to young children. So traveling with children to Thailand is not a problem at all.

The two most well-known beach resorts in Thailand that are labelled family-friendly are the islands of Koh Samui and Ko Lanta. Both islands have plenty to offer for families with children. There are on the beach accommodations available for both mid-range and upper range budgets. There are also many open air beachfront restaurants to dine in while your kids can play in the sand within your sight. There are also many day trip activities you can take up from elephant riding to snorkelling.

The island of Phuket is also another favorite family destination. However the beachfront accommodations are considered premium. Alternatively, there also many other less well-known beach resorts that your older kids can enjoy. The activities include kayaking, rock climbing and also the many dive centres that would teach the PADI children’s SCUBA courses. For eight years old, they can enroll the Bubblemaker program. The Discover SCUBA diving day is for anyone over 10 years old. Thailand is blessed with many national parks and their waterfalls and caves are good day trip activities with River rafting and elephant riding.

The capital of Thailand Bangkok and Pattaya also has many child friendly theme parks for families. If you are in Thailand in January, your children to enjoy the free entertainment and activities organized all over the country on the national children’s Day also known as Wan Dek. This is held on the second Saturday of January and kids will be able to get free entry to the zoos and free rides on public transport.

Here are a few things you should note for parents. Many of the more expensive hotels will allow one or two under 12 years old to share their parent’s room for free if no extra bedding is required. However, it is possible to squeeze two adults and two children into a double room in most budget or midrange hotels. Many hotels also provide babysitting services.

Most museums or transport companies do not offer any reduction in prices for children. According to the State Railway, a child that is age 3 to 12 years old can qualify for half price only if under 150 cm tall. For domestic flights, most airlines charge 10% of the full fare for children under two years old and 50% for children under 12 years old.

You will be able to buy disposable diapers easily at most convenience stores, pharmacies and supermarkets in the major resorts and towns. For your convenience, consider bringing a changing mat for your baby as there are few public toilets in Thailand. You will be able to find many international brands of powdered milk in Thailand.

You should also bring along or purchase a mosquito net and a sun tent. You should also consider packing along a bottle of a favorite spread for the toast just in case. Be careful with the unwashed fruits and salads and any other dishes that have been left uncovered for a long time.

Dogs can be a nuisance in Thailand. There are cases of rabies. So you should keep your kids away from animals such as dogs or monkeys. If necessary, get a rabies shot before the trip.

Source by Joe T Peters

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