Ideas and Inspiration for Beach and Resort Wedding Koozies

Beach weddings are a wonderful idea for fun and more casual ceremonies. Weather permitting, there’s little better than getting wed with the sun shining and the sound of the surf rolling in behind you. There is also no place where a cold beer is more appreciated, so all-in-all it looks like that a wedding Koozie is the ideal personalized wedding favor for the occasion! There are however many options to choose from though, some with very different looks and feel. So, if you think a Koozie will work at your beach wedding, read on for some of our best ideas and inspiration.

Scenic Beach Wedding Koozies

The simplest beach wedding Koozie is just a picture of the sea, rolling surf and sand with perhaps a stunning sunset too with your required text added over the top. Obviously some photos might suit the location of your wedding better than others: ones with palms are ideal for Florida and LA, but might not suit beach weddings in Oregon or Maine so much! Most Koozie suppliers should have a good library of generic beach shots on file to choose from, and there’s surely one that will suit your destination, whether it is the Gulf of Mexico or Alaska!

To start off on your mission to find ideas perhaps try a search using Google Images to find something you like the look of to help the designers get the best match for you.

Location Wedding Koozies

To make your beach wedding Koozies more personal why not look for, or even take yourself if possible, a photograph of the beach you are getting married on? Of course many beaches can look quite similar, so find a local landmark to include in your shot if you can: a building, rock formation or big prominent tree or palm perhaps. Something that people will recognize when they are there is clearly ideal if the Koozie is to serve as a reminder of the day for people who have travelled some distance. Do not worry if you are not able to get things 100% right in your photograph, there are a lot of tricks that a good Koozie designers can use to clean up and improve photographs that you send in. This could be erasing power poles, cars and people, to even increase the blue in the sky too for you.

If you are finding it hard to get the perfect shot yourself, one of the tricks a good photographer uses is to take their shots either early in the morning or later in the afternoon, just before sunset. There is a different quality of light at these times and shadows are much more interesting. Besides it is much harder to get lighting right in bright sunshine sometimes, especially if the thing you want to take a photograph of is in the wrong place with respect to the sun.

Another possibility, but one much more difficult to arrange or find, is an aerial shot of the place you are due to be married. Try asking your resort or hotel, if you have one booked, whether they have any imagery you might use as they often have such photographs taken for promotional material.

Personalizing Your Beach Wedding Koozies Further

If you can make it to the beach, there are a few other ideas you might like to try too. Why not write your names in the sand and take a shot from a distance if the local geography allows – or maybe just your initials and a date? These shots also make really great Save the Date photographs too – other photographs we have seen a lot on wedding Koozies are simply hearts drawn in the sand – with or without a monogram or initials. The other text is then added later in the design process.

Another interesting idea worth mentioning involves the bride and groom taking a photo of themselves on the beach – in more casual attire, for example hats and sunglasses, or maybe in a more quirky pose like just a shot of their feet, either bare or in flip-flops! If the composition is right, these make great, fun images, with the couple standing either on the sand or in the thin surf as it washes back.

Iconic Beach Object Photo Koozies

There are lots of things that just say ‘beach’: seashells, starfish and coconuts are a few. Some locations may have more to choose from – the distinct boats from Thailand for instance. Setting up these shots is quite easy. Place the object in a nice clean area on some sand, shingle or stones (depending on your beach), place yourself looking at the item with the beach and the ocean behind it. Focus on what you are taking the photo of and shoot. In a good photograph, the background sand and sea will be slightly blurred, but the foreground shell or starfish pin sharp. Called depth of field, this is difficult to get right with cheaper cameras or phone cameras that are designed to hold everything in focus, and are easier with better SLR cameras with a long lens. Still, once again, a good Koozie designer armed with the Photoshop pen tool will be able to isolate the foreground object and blur the background for you!

We’ve also seen some photo wedding Koozies with flowers on, these can be positioned carefully on the sand, perhaps a stone wall or on the edge of a pool with the clean aqua blue water…

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