Koh Lipe The Peaceful Paradise of Thailand

Loads of fun is what you will get if you choose Koh Lipe as your Thailand destination. The island offers tonnes of activities ranging from as simple as relaxing on the shorelines to scuba diving. First things first, how to get to Koh Lipe. The two main ways are through Langkawi and Pak Bara. The Langkawi route is shorter but less reliable as it is only efficient during the high season (November-May). The other route is from Pak Bara and is available all year round, though ferry frequency depends on demand. It is, however, the most reliable route for anyone traveling to Koh Lipe.

Accommodation on the island is quite affordable especially during the low seasons. The resorts, however are reasonably priced even during the high season. There are also plenty of activities to undertake in especially if you want a more local and natural feel of the place. For instance, there are massage parlours along the beach. The massage is quite relaxing and worth every penny. You can also go shopping in various stalls within the area. For those after local cuisine, make sure to visit one of the many restaurants. You can even read reviews before visiting to ensure you get the best price and value for your money. There are also roadside food servings, which match up what gets offered in the hotels. They may be cheap but to avoid disappointments, ask around or read reviews.

The beaches at Koh Lipe have clear, calm and shallow waters. The four main beaches here are Pattaya Beach in the South, Karma Beach in the north, Sunrise Beach in the east (near Chao Ley Village) and the Sunset Beach in the west. While here, it is imperative that you keep in mind the fact that fishing on the island is restricted. You should, therefore, refrain from fishing trips and make sure you do not eat any fish caught locally. One more precaution, stonefish get spotted in this area. Though quite rare and the chances of getting stung are quite slim, wear protective footwear when swimming in the waters for prevention is better than cure. Nonetheless, there are two hospitals with English-speaking doctors for all your health concerns.

Take a boat to Koh Lipe and enjoy the peace provided by the Island. All thanks to the fact that it is well reserved and no unnecessary developments are allowed. As a matter of fact, only the Sea Gypsies living on the Far East side are there courtesy of a grant. Everything else is as it was when it got created. There are plenty of things to do as well as activities. They range from free diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Now worries for those not well acquainted with sea sports. There are plenty of dive shops available such as the Castaway Divers, Ko Lipe Diving, and Sabye Diving, to mention but a few. All said and done, plan a trip to Koh Lipe, take your time and enjoy the activities referred to above, as you discover more on your own.

Source by Nan Kaouthai

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