Lets Talk About Facilities of Pattaya Hotels

There are many options for facilities in Pattaya hotels. From oversized swimming pools to world class golf courses, you can find the luxury resort of your dreams in the hotels of this resort city. Whether you are looking for a 5 star hotel or budget lodgings, you will be pleased with the facilities available.

Located on the scenic Gulf of Siam in Thailand, Pattaya offers beautiful beaches, historic locations, and total immersion into the exotic Thai culture. Three different beaches offer visitors unique opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Pattaya boasts several 5 star hotels that have very distinct facilities. Though they all offer luxurious, spacious rooms, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, workout facilities and wonderful hospitality, each different hotel has its own unique character and facilities.

The Tim Boutique Hotel is a family business in the heart of Pattaya. The owner of the Tim Boutique is something of a regional legend who owned and operated a billiard hall and bar in the area for nearly 30 years. When she shifted into the hotel business she went all out with modern stylings and up to date features like broadband wireless connections for all guests. Though the Tim Boutique feels upscale, it is very reasonably priced.

The Baron Beach Hotel is perfect for someone who wants to experience the central Pattaya beach up close. It features comfortable, modern amenities. Impressionist art is scattered throughout the hotel and gives the building a very contemporary feel. The Baron Beach Hotel is right in the heart of many of the most visited attractions in the Pattaya beach district, and is in walking distance of great shopping and dining. The real beauty of this hotel is its proximity to the beach – in just a short walk you will find yourself lying in the sand or playing in the surf.

In southern Pattaya you will find the Nova Platinum Hotel. This four star resort offers modern rooms that have been updated with flatscreen televisions, DVD players, and free wireless internet access for all guests. The Zia Restaurant offers Mediterranean and Asian cuisine that is influenced by the local favorites. Guests will appreciate the fun and convenience of a bar located in the pool.

One of the more interesting hotels in Pattaya is the Ibis Pattaya. Its central location gives guests quick access to the best shopping and night life in the Pattaya beach area, and is just a few steps from the beach. Guests will enjoy the many entertaining elements of Pattaya during the day and night, and have easy access to places like the Pattaya Elephant Village, Underwater World Pattaya, or the Pattaya Park Tower.

No matter what kind of vacation you are planning, Pattaya has a hotel with the facilities that you need at a price you are willing to spend. The facilities in Pattaya hotels offer guests warm, friendly service as well as modern conveniences and easy access to many of the most popular areas of Pattaya. Spend your days on the beach, your nights on the town, and rest assured that when you are ready to sleep you will have a comfortable, quiet hotel retreat.

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