New Zealand Flight Deals

New Zealand. Waterfalls, green forests, white sand beaches, volcanoes, deep fjords… Sounds like it is enough as to choose it as a travel destination? Sure it does. But this is just the lovely part! When it comes to look for the plane tickets things become a bit more tricky and sometimes can even frustrate a trip you want to do. Don’t let this feeling turn you off! Let’s take a look at how you can get New Zealand Flight Deals.

First, let’s kill the bad ones!

There are several ways we can find New Zealand flight deals today, but most of them are absolutely not useful. First of all, let me kill all the search engines that run with an affiliate network. This involves all the famous ones, as they have become famous because affiliates promote them. After you’ve killed all this search engines, let’s eliminate some airlines: Cathay Pacific will never have the best deal, as well as the Thai Airlines. Sorry guys, but they simply are repeatedly more expensive. Any other? Yes, New Zealand airlines is most of the time more expensive too, as well as British Airways.

What’s left then? You’ve killed them all!

There are some left, even if not many! First of all, I recommend the search engine called Flightcentre. This guys have many trips that are more expensive than in other places, but if you check their deals section you will find things that nowhere else appear. They operate in the US, in Canada, in Australia and in the UK.

When it comes to airlines, let me tell you that the only ones standing are Singapore Airlines and Korean Air. They have always the best New Zealand flight deals., At the time of writing Korean Air brings you from London to Auckland in New Zealand for just 870 Euros, which is by far the best price in the market, but you need to book it through Flighcentre. Singapore Airlines is today at 950 Euros, but things can change very quickly. You’ll find this special price at their Local Promotion Fares page.

Where should I depart from?

If you are in the US, get to Los Angeles or San Francisco, as the best fares are found there. In case you are in Europe, fly first to London and look at the offers only from London. Never include your home town when searching as this will make trip a lot more expensive often. Look first for the low cost carriers to your departure city and then look for the New Zealand flight deals from there.

A look to the future

There is an emerging airline, Oasis Hong Kong, which soon will be covering the London-Australia flight route. They are the first low cost carrier from Europe to the South Pacific. In any case, you must take care, because flights from Australia to New Zealand can be very expensive. Remember that low cost in this region costs 10 times more than Ryanair’s European fares.

Still, this is expensive… Any solution?

Of course! If you are looking to travel between April and September, which is low season there, you are able to get free travel certificates for international destinations with a 90% discount. There are very few places that offer these certificates for free, but they exist!

Source by Dani Alonso

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