Dog Travel Bag for Supplies – Make Travel Easier with Our Dog Bag for Travel – Includes Pet Travel Bag Organizer, 2… Price: $35.95 (as of 15/11/2020 04:10 PST- Details)

🐶 WHILE OTHER DOG TRAVEL BAGS ARE just basic human carry-ons with small bowls, Lucky Tail’s dog travel bag has PATENT-PENDING design features, making it the best solution for YOU AND YOUR PUP! Unique DOG POOP BAG DISPENSER; additional FRONT ZIPPERED POCKET; the PERFECT size COLLAPSIBLE PET TRAVEL BOWLS with CARABINERS to attach to our EXCLUSIVE D-RING; Built with HIGH-QUALITY ZIPPERS & WATER RESISTANT FABRIC; Designed with LIGHT-COLORED LINING so pet gear is EASY TO FIND!
🚗 You’ve found the ticket to HASSLE-FREE TRAVEL and ENJOYING TIME AWAY with your happy dog while keeping your CAR CLEAN & ORGANIZED. Road trips, dog camping trips, beach trips, hiking trips have NEVER BEEN EASIER with this dog weekend travel bag. And SIMPLIFY AIRLINE TRAVEL with our CARRY-ON COMPLIANT dog travel tote bag with ROLLER BAG SLEEVE that fits over your suitcase handle.
☑️ What’s the ONE MUST HAVE on hand when traveling with your dog? POOP BAGS! Our travel bag for dogs STANDS OUT from the rest with our POOP BAG DISPENSER! With plenty of other pockets and storage space to pack the comforts of home, you will ALWAYS BE PREPARED & ready to GRAB & GO. Your dog supply travel bag fits dog stuff in ONE PLACE so you NEVER FORGET ANYTHING again! Great for DOGGY DAY CARE or TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK days. A dog travel kit for your fur baby!

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