Relax on Phuket’s Beaches

Phuket hotels are some of Thailand’s most luxurious accommodations available. Basking and baking in the warm Andaman Sea, Phuket is arguably the most famous of Thailand’s beach destinations. Connected to the Thai mainland by two bridges, Phuket is like a jewel suspended from the chain of the Thai mainland. It has an old and rich history as a trading port, mainly in rubber. Today, it is in the forefront of Thailand’s Tourism industry. Phuket town reflects and is representative of the Phuket’s colorful and wealthy past. Walking around the old town brings to life Phuket’s tin mining past, and you can imagine the mining aristocracy as you look at the century old mansions. The old town is quaint and cozy and lends itself charmingly to walking around. Strategically placed old world cafes and temples add to the old world atmosphere. Thalang Road was the old commercial centre and the many beautifully preserved shop houses beautifully depict the Chinese and Portuguese slant to architecture then. A few minutes away, Dibuk Road has the famous On On Hotel. The On On Hotel featured as a youth hostel in the movie ‘The Beach’ and is therefore very popular with backpackers.

A patch of Phuket has been declared as a national park. This holds the last remaining vestige of the rainforest on Phuket. Khao Phra Thaeo National Park is a green haven and is the perfect place for a trek through the verdant forest. A well-marked eight kilometer trail exists from the Bang Pae Waterfall to the Tonsai Waterfalls. The Gibbon rehabilitation project in the park is also well worth a visit. This commendable centre takes gibbons that have been abandoned as pets and attempts to re introduce them to the wild. Along the same lines, the Sirinath National Park has been established to give visitors a taste of what a mangrove swamp is like. One end of the park is a mangrove forest with the salt water swamps.

Celebrate Joyous Festivals

Phuket plays host to many festivals. One of the most interesting ones is the Vegetarian Festival. People of Chinese origin participate in this festival as they perform acts of self-mortification and self-denial in the belief that it will bring them health and peace of mind. There are acts of fire walking and piercing. The Chinese New Year is also celebrated with much pomp and splendor. Spectacular fireworks rent the sky. The Old Phuket Festival held at the same time enhances the festive air in Phuket. The dragon procession and the sampling of delicacies are special features of the festivals. The Thai New Year festival of Songkran is also celebrated. Thais wish each other good luck by sprinkling water on each other’s hands. Recently, many places have initiated water fights as part of the festival.

The King’s cup Regatta is Phuket’s premier sailing event and is an excuse for much partying and revelry. Visitors can enjoy a spectrum of entertainment, food and festivities and every Phuket hotel offers an ambiance of celebration and old-world hospitality that adds to the charm of a vacation.

Phuket offers a Many-Splendored Vacation

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