Rock Climbing Sites in the Philippines

Who says the rainy season can stop you from enjoying various recreational activities in the Philippines? Rock climbing at different indoor sites in Manila and other cities across the archipelago is available all year-round. Though the sport is relatively young in the country, rock climbing is continuously gaining more popularity over the past few years. Its challenging cliffs and its availability, in the case of indoor rock climbing, appeal to younger generations and the young at heart.

Here are some of the recommended indoor rock climbing destinations in the Philippines.

Metro Manila

The busy life in Metro Manila has given way to the construction of several indoor climbing sites in the metro. These are Power Up Gym in Quezon City, Planet Rock in Makati, Gravity Gym in ParaƱaque, and Camp Sandugo in Taguig.

Boracay Island

Doing non-water recreational activities is also possible in the island paradise of Boracay. After soaking into the crystal-clear water of the white sand beach, flex your muscles and go rock climbing at D’Wall Climbing Gym. It is located at D’Mall near Boat Station 2.

Lumban, Laguna

The Caliraya Recreation Center in Lumban has facilities for fun-filled activities. Aside from kayaking, zorbing, and skiing, this world-class property is also an ideal place for rock climbing. It is home to the largest fiber glass wall in the Philippines.


Aside from being the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, Marikina is also making a name in rock climbing. The city, which is also famous for its various tourist attractions, hosts the country’s first bouldering-only climbing gym named VX Boulder. The 600-square-meter facility also has a badminton court and a matted floor for health buffs.

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