Seven Hidden Gateways of Asia

If you want to seek an enriching experience then you will find magnificent experiences in every Asian country. There are untapped hidden locations in Asia that have countless ancient cultures, charming people and breathtaking landscapes. By traveling to these majestic locations, you certainly save your hard earned money, unnecessary stress and still have you travel in style. These exotic locations savors its visitors with ancient traditions, breathtaking natural beauty, sumptuous cuisine and multi-cultural people will truly mesmerize and inspire you to return time and again.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Paradise awaits you in the pristine and scintillating Chiang Mai. It is very modern and friendly city located in mountains North of Thailand. It is an ideal destination for the tourists to experience the Thai culture and experience the majestic beauty of nature. It is a great tourist attraction where the tourist can enjoy various activities such as rafting, elephant riding and trekking. There are various stunning popular places in the city where the tourists can have a rather splendid time and vacation. Tribal Museum is prominent tourist destination in whereby the tourists can have the opportunity to look into some of the most valuable and interesting artifacts collections such as musical instruments and utensils, jewelry and costumes belonging to Thai hill tribes. Another tourist attraction i.e. Wat Chiang Man is the oldest Chiang Mai temple and includes crystal Buddha statues. It is relatively easy to enter Chiang Mai as it is well connected to rail road and air to several international destinations.


Brunei is an ideal gateway for any type of vacation. It is a refreshing tourist destination rich in diverse natural and cultural heritage located on the north coast of the Island of Borneo. It has one of the highest standards of living in the world majorly because of its sizable deposits of oil and gas. It is a Mecca for the adventure loving people, sailors and ecotourism freaks. Crocodile beach or Meragang beach, Labi longhouses, Bandar Seri Begawan, Kampong Jerudong, Borneo, Kuala Belait, Seria, Kampong Serasa, Kampong Tanjong Durian, Kampong Gadong, Kampong Mata Mata, Kampong Kota are some of the popular tourist destinations of Brunei. The tourists can travel Brunei by air from the various airlines that arrive and depart at Brunei International Airport.

Jeju Island, South Korea

Island of Gods, the Jeju Island is filled with many sandy beaches, captivating natural sceneries, beautiful lakes and waterfalls. It is located almost 130 Km south of Korean Peninsula. It has a very temperate climate, which makes it an ideal location to get around. The tourists can enjoy a lot of activities here such as trekking, horse riding and hiking. They can also catch sunrises and sunsets over the oceans and also view the majestic waterfalls. Jeju is an extremely popular tourist destination for the married couples planning their honeymoon. There is not much to see here besides Youngsilgiam and Paeknokdam, which its major tourist attraction. The tourists can get into Jeju Island through air, which is a most convenient means to enter. Korean Air is a major airlines company in Jeju, which has international air countries with almost all the major countries of the world.


The untapped gem of Southeast Asia is one of the most fascinating countries across the globe. The people here are known for their gentle polite nature and their charming hospitality. The landscape is dominated by jungles, mountains and splendid waterfalls. Laos is land of exotic mountains with unrivalled peace and serenity. Buddhism is a most dominant religion throughout the country. Plain of Jars, Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Bokero, Xieng Khouang, Savannakhet, Champasak, etc are the other major popular destination in Laos. The tourists can get into this fascinating country through air. The most common route is to fly to Bangkok or Thailand and then take flights from their to Luang Prabang. The flights to Laos are also available from Vietnam to Vientiane.


Tajikistan is a country that makes your paradise dreams come true. The tourists travelling here can be assured of one thing that when they arrive here at this pleasant destination they will experience memorable days and nights that will last for a lifetime. The city has numerous monuments and mosques and splendid mountain parks and gorges. Tajikistan climate is variable with summers being extremely warm and scorching and winters being extremely cold and chilly. For the mountaineering freaks, Tajikistan is absolutely haven. Nurek hydroelectric dam, the tallest artificial dam is available at this place. Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Vang Vieng, Pakse, Champasak, Vat Phou, Ban Pak Beng, Don Khong, Ban Houayxai, Ban Phonsavan, Ban Phonsavan, Ban Pak-Ou, Muang Sing, etc are some of the most popular Tajikistan destinations, which are frequently thronged by the tourists. The tourists wanting to reach Tajikistan can…

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