Seven Must Have Apps For Travel

Have you ever traveled overseas & felt lost because you couldn’t organize your itinerary. Well now there are a number of new mobile apps that can help you stay connected & organize. Road warriors can ease their stress with these seven handy apps.

The first app is Tripit. Tripit is a travel organizer and is very popular. It allows you to put your plans right on your iPhone no matter where your travel was booked. You just forward travel confirmation emails to Tripit to build a trip itinerary. It also offers travel alerts, alternate flight suggestions, frequent flyer tracking, plus more. They have both paid & free versions.

Next, you have Turbcast app. Turbcast allows you to enter your travel itinerary so it can compute rather your flight will be smooth or a bumpy one. It looks at the different levels of flight turbulence. It looks for moderate & severe turbulence along your route. What makes this app so unique is that it uses aviation weather that flight crews look at which gives it better accuracy. It also has tips & facts about turbulence along with great videos for better understanding. Its a great app for travelers, or those with mild cases of fear of flying. The next application we have is Taxi Magic. Taxi Magic allows you to book a taxi from anywhere. It’s directly integrated with taxi dispatcher systems. It allows you to book via text message & receive a confirmation seconds later. Next, you have Jet Set Expenses. Jet Set Expenses allows you to do expense reports, mileage total reports, & currency formatting.

Next, you have Translate -Google application. Translate Google allows users to translate words, or phrases between more than 50 languages. You could speak your phrases and hear the corresponding translations. This is great for overseas travel. Next, is Travelocity application. This one allows you to find city guides, restaurants, nightlife & events. This is a must have app for any city. There are many versions of this that are both paid & free.

Finally, the last app on our list is World Mate. World Mate allows you to build itinerary automatically. It tracks your flight and pushes alerts if they’re delayed. It has world clocks, weather forecast, and tip calculation. It has great graphics & easy to use. For more great information on travel apps there are lots of you tube videos of demos for apps coming out. There are also great review sites for travel apps on the internet.

Source by Eric Simmons

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