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Traveling to Spain, the tourist hub of Europe is a satisfying experience. Spain is one of the most diverse and visually stunning nations of Europe. As the trip is planned, one is so overwhelmed with many fascinating sights, beautiful landscapes, and charming towns to fit into limited time and budget. A foremost cultural centre of Europe, it has beautiful cities and towns with old attractive monuments as well as ultra modern architectural wonders! Apart from the well known Flamenco music, dance, matadors and bull fights, this lovely land is also known for some pretty beaches, resorts and best vine yards. Idyllic rural settings coupled with bustling urban bonhomie make this destination a loved one among the traveler. Superb Spanish melodies listened at one of the clubs may forever haunt you. As Spaniards boasts themselves-“Spain is Different”, is aptly correct as a traveler steps on to the soils of the country.

Travel Spain offers too many options for a would-be traveler; a lengthy sojourn or a short tour over a week end. Or a budget travel with limited visits to only known places. Carry a big wallet and explore the nook and corners of the country with all the time at your disposal. Spain has offerings for travelers of all hues and kinds.

Once the mind is made up to travel this glorious country, a bit of preparation is definitely needed. A well drawn calendar and a defined itinerary are most welcome. Learn some basic words of Spanish and have knowledge of local custom and get ready to board countless numbers of flights operating from all corners of the world. Once in Spain, travel is relaxed, accommodation plentiful, the climate benign and soothing, the people relaxed and easy going, the beaches long and sandy, the food and drink easy get and full of regional variety. You can be one of the most satisfied tourists among the similar 50 million visiting each year. Spain is a favorite playground of British, Dutch, and German tourists who badly wants to escape their own extreme winter climates for some Spanish summer sun. Exotic beaches of Barcelona, Marbella, Malaga and Canary Islands are always alive with cool beer, hot Sangria, bathing parks and bewitching beauties! Spanish travel is one beehive of pleasant surprises!

As one travels interior up north, there are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore interspersed with great vine orchards along the way. Just hopping in to one of the wineries will open the taste buds of any Wine connoisseur. A cool evening with loved ones in a fine restaurant can offer bewildering array of food and choicest of famed wines. A drive to Seville can open up plenty of entertainment possibilities with varied experiences. Beaches on the northern coast are entirely different from their southern counterparts; most of them being isolated and idyllic offering plenty of privacy.

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