Ten Things You Should Know About Phuket!

Are you thinking of going on holiday to Phuket, Thailand? Here are ten things that will be useful to know.

1. Why visit Phuket: It has stunning scenery, the accommodation is incredible value for money and the people are widely accepted as some of the friendliest in the world. Why wouldn’t you visit Phuket?

2. Geographic location: Phuket is an island located just off the South-West coast of mainland Thailand.

3. Flights: London to Bangkok is about a 12 hour flight. Phuket is about another hour on from Bangkok. It is also possible to fly direct from London to Phuket.

4. Accommodation type: Accommodation is available to suit every budget. Hotels offer excellent customer service whilst self-catering apartments offer a cheaper option. It is also possible in Phuket to rent a self-catering apartment within a hotel style complex. This will give you the flexibility associated with having your own kitchen without compromising on the customer service that you receive at a hotel.

5. Accommodation quality: It is often said that the quality of a four star apartment in Thailand is the same as that of a five star apartment in Europe but for a fraction of the price.

6. Shopping: Suits and dresses can be individually made for you out of high quality Thai silk by incredibly reasonably priced tailors. I still have a beautiful dress that was made for me in Thailand. It is still the best quality item of clothing that I own.

7. Exciting excursions: In the fabulous Khao Lak nature reserve, you can spend a day visiting waterfalls, elephant trekking and bamboo rafting. Scuba diving and snorkelling are both popular in the area and day trips to do both are available.

8. Caution advised: It is possible to take an excursion to Phi Phi Island. This can be a great way to see the area but can be expensive. There are no real health and safety regulations so some of the boats can be dangerous for young children.

9. Food and drink: It is possible to purchase Western-style food in most hotel complexes. However, it is certainly worth exploring the wider area. The equivalent of £5.00 can buy you a tasty, good quality, three course meal in Phuket.

10. Avoiding food poisoning: Many places serve drinks containing ice cubes that are made from tap water. Ask for no ice with all your drinks, this is the main cause of food poisoning in holidaymakers in Phuket.

Source by Natalie Ray

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