Top 5 Outback Holidays

One of the qualities of Australia that can’t be found anywhere else in the world is the famous ‘outback’. There are many popular tours available to allow people to experience the outback for themselves, from the dry, arid town of Coober Pedy to the massive icon of Uluru. Here are what we believe are the top 5 outback holidays in Australia:

1. Uluru

One of the best outback holidays is undoubtedly the magnificent monolith of Uluru (Ayers Rock). While you can visit Uluru on your own, travelling as part of a small organised tour allows you to explore many of the lesser known, yet almost as spectacular, sites in this area.

Just because you’re travelling to the outback doesn’t mean you have to rough it. The Sails in the Desert Hotel is a five star resort – in the desert. This lavish hotel comes complete with all the indulgences necessary for a luxurious travel experience, with some of the premier rooms even having their own private spa on the balcony.

2. Bungle Bungles

The amazing Bungle Bungles are part of Purnululu National Park in north eastern Western Australia, approximately 110 kilometres north of Halls Creek. The awe-inspiring landscape depicts multitudes of sandstone formations that are shaped like beehives. Palm trees can be seen growing throughout the chasms of Piccaninny Gorge.

Best of the Kimberleys offer a range of tour options for the Bungle Bungles region. The best way to visit this unique area is via a combination of a luxury 4WD tour and scenic flights to get the most amazing views you could imagine.

3. Kimberleys

The breath-taking Kimberley is a 300,000 square kilometre region of Western Australia, bordered by the Indian Ocean, Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts, the Northern Territory and the Timor Sea. Its unique combination of stunning coastline, rugged chasms and gorges, amazing wildlife and ancient flora are make it a popular tourist destination in the outback.

One of the best ways to discover the region is on a luxury Kimberley cruise aboard the Kimberley Quest 2. This luxury cruiser, complete with air-conditioning and a private helipad, was custom-built for cruising the Kimberley region.

4. Kakadu

Kakadu, a World Heritage listed National Park, is a delicate blend of stunning waterways, rugged cliffs and rock formations, unique flora and fauna and ancient aboriginal culture. While visiting the magnificent Kakadu National Park you are sure to see plenty of massive termite mounds scattered through the region, along with crocodiles in waterways or along the water’s edge.

While it’s not quite a 5 star resort, the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn is a 4 star hotel situated right in the centre of Kakadu National Park. This unique hotel is in the shape of a crocodile and is central to all of the local attractions, including the rock art galleries, spectacular waterfalls and the tranquil Yellow Water Billabong.

5. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy, or ‘Opal Capital of the World’, is the world’s largest opal mining area, located in northern South Australia. The town is well known not only for its premier opals, but also for its magnificent underground homes. The locals began building these underground homes, accommodation, shops and galleries many years ago as a way of retreating from the harsh heat during the day.

If you intend staying in Coober Pedy, why not check in to one of the underground hotels such as the Desert Cave Hotel. Not only will you experience this unusual style of accommodation, but many guests comment that they sleep better than ever before in this quiet, cool environment. However don’t for a second imagine you will be living in a cave – these International Standard hotel rooms are rather impressive, with facilities including colour TV and WiFi in every room.

Source by Karen Cooke

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