Travel Tips To Keep You Safe

Whether it’s your first trip or you are a seasoned jet setter,

it’s never too late to learn a couple of new tricks to make your

trip more enjoyable, more efficient, and safer.

Here are a few steps you should always follow.


o Always confirm reservations the day before especially for late

arrivals give a credit card guarantee.

Send a copy of your itinerary to significant other or closest

family member. (I also put a copy of my schedule on the


TIP: Discuss up front how often and when you will call so family

won’t be worried if they don’t hear from you. Set aside a

specific time you will touch base either by phone email or fax

(fax is particularly good when out of the country and in

different time zones.)

o Plan to travel light but always put and extra set of underwear

and essentials in your carry on. Pack dress shoes in a carry on

if you wear running shoes to the airport. I once had to make an

important presentation in my sneakers because my luggage was

lost. Include any medications that you need on a daily basis in

your carry on. Carry plenty of water on the plane and take

something for dry throat such as lozenges in your carry on. Put

important phone numbers such as your meeting location in case of

delays in a couple of places among your bags.

TIP: Always carry your important business papers with you on the

plane. DO NOT check your briefcase.

o Pack extra glasses, tissues, and aspirin in your travel bag.

Take snacks such as raisins, nuts or fruit (not candy) in case

you get stranded on a runway and there is no food.

o Double check to ensure you have cash, identification, credit

cards, itinerary and eticket or paper ticket before you leave

home. (Don’t forget your passport if you are traveling out of the

country). Go through your purse to ensure there are no scissors

or similar items that might be construed as weapons. I lost a

very nice pair of scissors that way.

o Don’t wear shoes with metal bars/rods in the soles. It is awful

to have to take them off and walk around in your bare feet.

Depending upon the size of the airport this can add considerable

time to the screening process. You can never be too careful. Once

the under wire in my bra set off the alarm at the airport and a

female attendant had to pat me up to make sure I didn’t have a

concealed weapon in my bra.

o Plan to arrive at the airport a minimum of two hours before

your flight. The important lesson is to be relaxed and enjoy the

trip. You do not want to start off on a bad foot by rushing

frantically at the last minute. Should your schedule be really

tight, find an agent at the airport and explain the situation.

Don’t stand in line expecting them to contact you. Arrive at the

gate at least 20 minutes before departure. If the flight is over

booked, they WILL give away your seat. If you and someone else

have the same seat don’t get up and give it to them. Stay seated

and alert a flight attendant. Provide your boarding pass.

Possession is 9/10 of the law. You don’t have to move if you got

there first. This is the time to stand your ground or you might

not be on the flight at all.

o If your travel is for an important meeting that you simply you

can’t miss, plan to go the night before. Don’t take a late flight

but one that allows you to get your hotel, have dinner and relax

the evening before the meeting. Check schedules of smaller

airports too. In many cases there may be a limited number of

flights if you miss connections. This could justify going in the

night before.

o If the flight is unreasonably delayed and you need to let some

one know use the in flight phone while in transit. It is pricey

but worth it if you need to inform someone of your whereabouts.

o Most major hotels have laptop connections in the room. If you

will require this, check before hand and book one of those rooms.

Also verify services charges. Many hotels that cater to business

travelers have a separate business suite with computers, printers

and fax machine. This is any area where you might have

significant charges if you aren’t careful. The same goes for the

room phone. Don’t use the room phone except in an emergency.

There are high surcharges and tariffs at most hotels. Use your

cell or the public phones in the lobby if you have a lot of calls

to make.

o If you are making a speech or presentation at the meeting,

check to see their computer capabilities. Many times it’s better

to take several CDs with your presentation rather than lugging

your laptop.

o When buying luggage make sure it has wheels. Its also better to

have two smaller cases rather than one heavy one. This is

especially true in Europe where accommodations for large luggage

are minimal.

Upon Arrival

o Check out the transportation. Your best option is to

pre-arrange a car service to pick you up. Most airports have

numerous options to choose from outside of the baggage claim

area. If you choose a taxi be sure you have the actual…

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