What to Do and Where to Stay in Phillip Island?

When you think about Australia you think about kangaroos, rugby, the Sydney Opera House, crystalline beaches, and surf. When asked about places to visit, or cities, the names that come right out of your head are probably Sydney and Melbourne. There is, however, much more to Australia than meets the eye. There is, for example, Phillip Island. The Island is located right off the coast of Sydney, and in case you did not know, it is the place where the Australian Moto GP takes place every year. By now you are already thinking about Phillip Island and whether or not it would be a place worth visiting. For your information, this island is a place worth visiting; in fact it is the place to visit if you ever visit Australia. There is much to do in Phillip Island, but before being able to do any of it, it is important to know what kind of accommodation is available for tourists, so let us go and talk about Phillip Island Accommodation so that you know what to expect of the island that in the eyes of many is Australia’s best kept secret.

In truth, it must be said that when it comes to Island Accommodation, there are options available to everyone’s tastes, and more importantly, to everyone’s possibilities. Not everyone has enough resources to rent a four-bedroom beach house, or enough money to stay in a five-star bed & breakfast located in a self-contained fishing village; these are among the most exclusive and luxurious types of Phillip Island Accommodation that you will be able to find during your stay. Maybe you can afford luxury and exclusive accommodation, but you are looking for something more chaotic, something more autochthonous; in this case you might try a motel or a holiday park (a place where you can camp, stay in a van or in a cabin).

Now, once you choose what kind of Phillip Island Accommodation you want, it is time for you to get down to business and start living your holiday. What is there to do in Philip Island? Well, believe it or not there is much more to do than surfing and chasing after kangaroos or koala bears. If you are a fan of fishing you can charter a boat and go fishing around Westernport Bay; if you are a golf lover you can hit the greens at the Aussie Golf Ranch, or at the Golf Club of the island. If you like adventure, or if you are addicted to adrenaline, you can always race go-karts, or take a ride on one of the Islands Helicopters. There is much more to do in this little piece of Australian country, so go ahead and take the first step, get your Phillip Island Accommodation today.

Source by Larry Louie Lagasca Maraggay

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