Where Can I Buy a Europe Rail Pass and Which Eurail Pass is Best For Me?

A Europe rail pass is a great idea for anyone who wants to travel at will around the countries of Europe by rail, with no rigid dates in mind and with the flexibility to go wherever they want. The correct name for such a pass is a ‘Eurail pass’, but it is often called a ‘Eurail train pass’ or a ‘Eurorail pass’. These terms all refer to the same European rail pass tickets.

Where can you buy a Europe rail pass online? We tell you about the best place to get it in the link below, but first you need to think about what type of Eurail pass you want.

Several types of Europe rail pass are available. You can get passes which are valid for travel within only one European country; passes which are valid for travel in and between two countries (like France and Spain); passes which are valid for three to five countries; and passes which cover six or more European countries.

The most popular choice for North American travelers to Europe is the Global pass, which is the most flexible Euro rail pass and which allows unlimited train travel between the 20 Eurail countries (this covers most of mainland Europe). Another popular choice of rail pass for Europe is the Select pass, which offers unlimited travel on the railways of three to five bordering countries.

How do you choose the rail pass you need? First, think about the length of your trip to Europe, which countries you really don’t want to miss, and a basic itinerary of the order you would prefer to visit them in. Remember that there are discounts for group bookings, which includes two or more travelers. You can also travel first class (more space for luggage, reclining seats and meals) or second class (lower cost).

Next, visit the specialist booking site we recommend below, and check the rail pass options which fit the length of your trip and your itinerary. You will be able to buy a rail pass which is valid for a set number of days: typically, 15 days, 21 days, one month, two months or three months. You can also select a pass which allows you to travel any 10 or any 15 days in a two-month period, which suits many people best.

At the site, you will also see the exact price you will pay for the pass, and can then make the whole booking online. The pass will then be mailed to you. Remember that you can buy your Europe rail passes up to six months before you want to travel.

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